Check Out a ONE Pack Stuffed with Fun Activities to Help Families Get to Know the World Around Them

Get outside and get to know the world around you. Recreation staff offers Outdoor Nature Education — or ONE — Packs for families to check out and use in our parks and nearby nature areas. The packs, which are free to check out, include activities for all ages, additional books and information on the category and board games that you can find and play related to the topic. Learn about birds, animals of Iowa, trees, insects, outdoor skills, aquatic habitats, creatures of the night, wildflowers and prairies, rocks and minerals and the wild turkey. To check out a pack, stop by the Recreation Department’s front desk.

Additionally, digital versions of these packs are available. These packs can be completed at a North Liberty park or even in your own backyard. All materials needed you might have at home or are easy to find. These digital ONE Packs offer activities and fun around animals of Iowa, bird, creatures of the night, insects and spiders, trees and aquatic habitats. (Looking for a map of our parks? Get one here.)

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