North Liberty Police Month Report April 2021

Traffic Contacts: 302
Parking Contacts: 27
Vehicle Inspections: 26
Vehicle Unlocks: 24
Crash Investigations: 13
Public Assists: 247
Assist other Agency: 130
Crimes Against Persons Report: 10
Crimes Against Property Report: 18
Other Reports: 44
Arrests: 42
Warrants: 5
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 30
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 7
Crimes Against Property Charges: 2
Other Charges: 14
Animal Calls: 56
Total Calls for Service: 1,693
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 6,492


• Members attended monthly training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, honor guard, and dive team. (56 hours)
• Two members attended free training at CRPD presented by the FBI for hostage negotiators school. (80 hours)
• Two members attended the Salvage Vehicle Inspection Class in Ankeny (16 hours)
• All staff completed online training for recognizing Autism for First Responders and Use of Force Encounters on Target Solutions (16 hours)
• Two officers completed the drone operators course presented through the EMA. (24 hours)
• The two investigators attended an online course for Advanced CSI: Shooting Scenes (16 hours)
• Two members attended online training for video forensic evidence technicians (24 hours)
• An officer attended the annual life savers conference online (36 hours)

Public Relations:

• Allowed the DNR to use our multi-purpose room for a training on OWI impairment/seated battery testing.
• Had a bike officer volunteer to ride with the Leisure, Slow Roll sponsored by the City and Iowa City Bike Coalition.
• We took in around 50 pounds of expired or unused medication for the National Drug Take Back. This was transferred to the DEA for proper disposal.
• Our bomb squad member participated in a public PR event with Teens
• Two officers volunteered to represented NLPD at the funeral of Sergeant Jim Smith from Iowa State Patrol.
• The department delivered donuts to the dispatchers at the JECC for Telecommunicators week as a thank for all that they do for us.


• We purchased a $500 license fee through Lexipol for a Grant finder subscription. The office administrator will work on that piece and see if we can apply or find any for North Liberty police.
• Working on getting quotes for a throw phone that would be used in hostage negotiations that would be housed at NLPD with our negotiator.
• Purchased replacement taser equipment and training cartridges so we can complete our annual training.


• Several residents have reported identity theft involving unemployment claims. If this has happened to you, or anyone you know, please contact the department. We are working with Iowa Workforce Development to investigate.
• As the warmer weather comes along, we are seeing an increase in the total number of arrests, alcohol and narcotic charges, and animal calls.

Department Admin:

• Thanks to the Assistant City Administrator, we were approved for a ballistic vest grant program. Vests are replaced every 5 years and the total cost per vest is around $800. This federal grant allows us to be reimbursed for half the cost, or $400 per vest.
• We continue to work with Tricon to complete the punch list items for the new station. The parking lines were repainted in the public parking lot, the trophy case in the front lobby was started, and all exterior awnings were installed. We have a few remaining items on the list to complete that we expect to be completed in the near future.
• Intern Brody Lodge is completing his required hours for his internship.
• Met with Chris Nelson to discuss further IT needs, storage and function of the Emergency Operation Center, if ever needed for the City.
• The Chief attended several meetings this month. These meetings include the Supervisor’s meeting, Labor Management Team meeting with union members, local area Chief’s meeting, ILEA council meeting and ILEA’s special council meeting, JECC User Advisory meeting, and Drug Task Force meeting.
• The Chief started a weekly memo to share with all staff about the vast amount of information from the City, COVID information, Guidelink Center operations, and overall departmental update.
• Chief went to Indian Hills Community College for a tour at the request of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy. They want to host reserve and officer training on their campus and has oversight from the ILEA council.
• The Chief was also reappointed to the ILEA council representing the Iowa Police Chief’s Association by the Governor.

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