Police Report for August 2021

Traffic Contacts: 344
Parking Contacts: 31
Vehicle Inspections: 20
Vehicle Unlocks: 27
Crash Investigations: 14
Public Assists: 399
Assist other Agency: 137
Crimes Against Persons Report: 8
Crimes Against Property Report: 15
Other Reports: 24
Arrests: 16
Warrants: 0
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 7
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 6
Crimes Against Property Charges: 4
Other Charges: 5
Animal Calls: 47
Total Calls for Service: 2066
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 14381


  • Members attended monthly training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, honor guard training, and dive team. (56 hours)
  • Justin Jacobi started the 300th Basic Police Academy at ILEA. He will return December 17th (628 hours of training).
  • Officer Rockafellow attended the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) conference in Des Moines. He is the GTSB coordinator for the department. (24 hours)
  • An Evidence tech participated in a webinar on the dangers of fentanyl (1 hour)
  • The department hosted taser instructor recertification training. Ten individuals participated in the training, including three of our officers. (24 hours).
  • The department hosted a webinar for tactical team members for Officer Involved Shootings for Tactical Teams. 3 officers attended for NLPD (9 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Officers made contact with several neighborhoods on National Night Out.
  • Two officers attended the Circus at Centennial Park to interact with families.
  • Over the course of two days, five officers completed ALICE or violent encounter training for all of the ICCSD buildings in North Liberty.
  • Four child safety seat checks were completed this month.
  • Several officers stopped by the Concert in the Park and Firework display at Penn Meadows Park.
  • Two officers (Alec Fjelstul and Eric Kapfer) received life savings awards for successfully performing CPR last month on a 29-year-old man who survived.
  • Several officers hosted an event at Quail Creek Park for the City-Wide Playground Crawl. We had patrol car tours, Officer Jennings was there with his dive suit, and Officer Campbell was there with Falco for some demonstrations in finding lost articles.  We also purchased cans of silly string for kids to decorate the patrol car. The event was a lot of fun for all and we had a great turnout.


  • We demoed the Wrap VR (Virtual Reality) training system as a training tool for a judgement simulator.
  • At their request, the four sergeants were issued city owned smart phones.
  • We received plastic sheeting that will be placed on the walls as a chair rail. This will prevent further damage to the drywall in some offices.


  • We had two motor vehicle crashes involving pedestrians this month. ISP assisted on an accident that occurred on Penn St. The victim intentionally jumped on to a moving motor vehicle which resulted in the victim being fatally injured. NLPD handled the second accident which happened at Alexander and Lininger and involved a car versus bicycle in the crosswalk.
  • Officers continue to cover traffic enforcement in the construction areas, detours and working GTSB.
  • Since it was the first week of school, several officers patrolled each school for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Two drone deployments were requested to search for people in fields. Both were successfully located using the video technology of the drone and the incidents were handled without incident.
  • We had a stolen motor vehicle recovered in town and one stolen from town that was located up north. The juveniles were identified and charged. We continue to encourage residents to lock and remove their keys from their vehicle.

Department Admin:

  • Officer Rick Vazquez came back to work for the North Liberty Police Department after being gone for a little over a year. He left for CR Fire, then was at CVPD.  He completed a mini FTO course and is on solo patrol on overnights.
  • A University of Iowa Student, Aubri Turnage, has signed on as our paid intern this fall semester. She will be with us for up to 150 hours and will be in the front office, helping with data collection and riding along with officers.
  • We continue to go through the PD punch list to get all of the remaining items completed.
  • We offered the services for the Guidelink center to an individual and they volunteered to be taken there. This was our first drop off at the center.
  • A costumed social media influencer conducted an audit at our police department. The goal was to force a police interaction while live streaming and recording staff and the department. We were professional and did not react to his attempts.
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