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Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

Fall leaf collection is scheduled to start Monday, Oct. 11, 2021 and run through Friday, Nov. 19. Leaves will be picked up curbside if at the curb by 7 a.m. that Friday.

To have your leaves collected, rake them within two feet of the public street by 7 a.m. on each Monday. Crews will collect them by Friday, though collection can be delayed at the season’s peak.

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City Council to Meet on Sept. 28, 2021

Included in each City Council information packet is a memo from the City Administrator offering a summary and context of items appearing on the agenda. We will begin publishing these memos here in our news feed to make them more accessible. You can sign up to be notified of news items, agendas and more by email.

This meeting will be held in person and may be accessed live by the public in person or on the internet 

This meeting may be accessed live by the public in person or on the internet at at, on Facebook at or on YouTube at northliberty. Meetings are rebroadcast on cable and available on-demand on

Meeting Note

Tuesday’s meeting will be held in person as well as live streamed.

Consent Agenda

The following items are on the consent agenda and included in the packet:

  • City Council Minutes (09/14/21)
  • Claims
  • Change Order Number 3, Ranshaw Way Phase 5, Peterson Contractors, Inc., $21,353.99
  • Pay Application Number 4, Ranshaw Way Phase 5, Peterson Contractors, Inc., $1,224,997.39

Reimbursement Resolution

Staff is recommending approval of a reimbursement resolution for the Dubuque Street, Phase 1 project and the purchase of the off-road brush fire truck so that cash on hand currently being spent on these projects can be reimbursed with borrowed funds at a later date. The Dubuque Street project is estimated to cost $3 million while the fire truck is budgeted at $270,000.

Vintage Estates Subdivision

The ordinance allowing the Vintage Estates Planned Area Development on Jones Boulevard required the owner to execute certain easement agreements with the City, ensuring maintenance of storm water management facilities, inspection of utility connections, and a dedication of right of way. These documents have now all been submitted. Staff finds them acceptable and recommends approval.

CIPCO & City of Tiffin Agreements

The Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) is working on a large power upgrade project that will bring a high voltage power line from Hills to Swan Lake Road. The current route will interfere with plans to eventually improve the Forevergreen Road/Jasper Road/Park Road intersection. These agreements contemplate the cities of Tiffin and North Liberty to cost share for the redesign and related work to modify the placement of two large power poles, so they will not interfere with future improvements. If the poles were to be placed as currently designed, to move them, the cities would have to condemn and pay for the relocation at an estimated cost of $500k. Instead, with approval of these agreement, each City will be responsible for $20,000 for the aforementioned redesign and work. Staff recommends approval of the agreements.

Snowmobile Ordinance, Public Hearing & 1st Reading

Current City code provides for various snowmobile routes throughout the community. Staff has worked with the local snowmobile club over the years to reduce the number of routes within the city but still allow for access to various points such as gas stations. In that time, the City has received complaints about snowmobiles cutting through yards, noise, and minor damage to public property. Last winter, a more significant issue occurred when a snowmobile ran into an electrical box at a roundabout. Fortunately, the rider was not injured; however, the damages totaled $20,000 of which the city’s insurance company paid. As the City continues to develop and more landscaping, light poles, electrical boxes, etc. are being installed, there is more potential for accidents and damage to occur. Staff believes that it is time to eliminate snowmobile routes within the City and is recommending approval of the included ordinance.

Most larger cities in Iowa already prohibit snowmobiles from operating within the corporate limits, but for the exception in the state code (321.4: A registered snowmobile may be operated under the following conditions: a. Upon city highways which have not been plowed during the snow season or on such highways as designated by the governing body of a municipality.). In our area, Coralville and Iowa City do not allow for snowmobile routes in the City.

Hate Crime Ordinance, 3rd and Final Reading

The included ordinance incorporates changes that were introduced at the August 24 meeting, including adding the term “bias-motivated”. Also included in the packet for reference are previous memos, emails from the public and other related materials.

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