City Council to Meet on Nov. 9, 2021

Included in each City Council information packet is a memo from the City Administrator offering a summary and context of items appearing on the agenda. We will begin publishing these memos here in our news feed to make them more accessible. You can sign up to be notified of news items, agendas and more by email.

This meeting will be held in person and may be accessed live by the public in person or on the internet. 

This meeting may be accessed live by the public in person or on the internet at at, on Facebook at or on YouTube at northliberty. Meetings are rebroadcast on cable and available on-demand on

Meeting Note

Tuesday’s meeting will be held in person as well as live streamed.

Consent Agenda

The following items are on the consent agenda and included in the packet:

  • City Council Minutes (10/26/21)
  • Claims
  • Liquor License Renewals & Updates
      • J&A Tap
      • Rancho Nuevo
    • Fiesta
    • Fareway
    • LaLa Boutique
  • Tobacco Permit – Casey’s General Store (new construction)
  • FY21 Street Finance Report
  • Change Order #5, Ranshaw Way Phase 5 Improvements Project, Peterson Contractors , $59,274.71
  • Pay Application #6, Ranshaw Way Phase 5 Improvements Project, Peterson Contractors , $372,935.39
  • Pay Application #2, Centennial Loop Driveway Project, All American Concrete, $202,520.05

ARPA Funding Discussion

The packet includes a memo and supporting materials to assist the City Council with further discussion regarding use of the $2.9 million of American Rescue Plan Act funds allocated to North Liberty.

Urban Renewal Plan Amendment

Staff is recommending approval of an updated Urban Renewal Plan to include two upcoming projects: City Hall and N. Jones Boulevard. By updating the plan, it allows the City to borrow general obligation and/or TIF money in the future to fund these projects. The current plan calls for GO borrowing for the City Hall project and TIF borrowing for N. Jones Boulevard. The agenda includes a resolution setting a hearing for December 14 to approve the Urban Renewal Plan Amendment. When it is time to borrow for these projects, additional public hearings and Council action will be necessary.

Cell Tower Siting Request

US Cellular is proposing a 100’ high monopole communications tower at 1302 Progress Street, located on the east side of Progress Street approximately 400 feet north of 240th Street. The property is zoned I-1 Industrial. As such, communications towers are permitted subject to City Ordinances, which in part require Council approval. Staff has performed a technical review of the request and plans and is of the opinion that it achieves consistency with City Ordinances. Staff recommends approval of the request.

North Jones Boulevard Proposal

Staff has been working with a developer on an 80-acre mixed use development between the Maytag facility on Alexander Way and the future extension of N. Jones Boulevard.

The initial plan was for the developer to construct N. Jones Boulevard and for the City to reimburse for its share; however, the City Attorney has opined that a reimbursement in this case would be a violation of the public bidding law. As a result, staff is recommending approval of a design contract with Shive Hattery for the extension of Jones Boulevard. The developer’s agreement for this 80-acre project, which will be before the Council in the near future, will include a reimbursement provision for 1/3 of the N. Jones Boulevard improvement project.

Miller Conditional Use Permit

Johnson County is requesting the City review a Conditional Use Permit application for property located within unincorporated Johnson County, but within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The request is to approve an exterior maintenance business at 2757 Kansas Ave NE, generally located on the west side of Kansas Ave approximately 600 feet south of Denison Ave. Mr. Miller purchased this property June 2021. Shortly, thereafter, City staff noticed several commercial vehicles and equipment on the property. Staff notified the County and the code compliance action resulted in the Conditional Use Permit Application. The application is noticeably lacking in detail with respect to the nature of the business. Correspondence with the applicant revealed that the nature of the business is pressure washing, lawn care, lot sweeping etc., there is one employee (besides the applicant) and that all work will be performed off-site. Staff inquired about the several commercial vehicles and equipment and the applicant indicated that the majority of the equipment will be sold. Staff is concerned about a business being located on this property. This is a growing area and several developments are being proposed. Additionally, the applicant is indicating a scale of the business that is not reflective of the vehicles and equipment on the property. The Council may recommend approval of the Conditional Use Permit (with or without conditions), recommend denial of the Conditional Use Permit or take no action. At a minimum, staff is recommending approval subject to the condition that all vehicles and equipment related to the business be stored within an enclosed building within six months from the date of the formal approval.

Mickelson’s Second Addition Developer’s Agreement

Developer MLDC and City Staff have reached agreement for the terms of a Developer’s Agreement for Mickelson Second Addition Subdivision. A notable provision within this agreement is the cost sharing provision for Remley Street in the amount of $291k. The execution of the agreement will allow the developer to move forward with the installation of public improvements and move toward eventual final plat approval. Staff recommends approval.

Deposit Resolution

As the City’s deposits grow, it is necessary to update the official Depository Resolution. Currently, the resolution states that Hills Bank can hold $13 million and Midwest One Bank can house $7 million. Staff is recommending those amounts increase to $15 million and $10 million respectively. With the recent receipt of COVID relief funds as well as the timelining of tax revenue receipts versus annual bond payments, the City’s cash on hand has increased.

Snowmobile Ordinance, 3rd Reading & Resolution

At the October 12 Council meeting, the City Council directed staff to find a compromise with the local snowmobile club for routes along Scales Bend Road and connecting Ranshaw Way to Front Street. Staff and club representatives met to discuss viable options and have generally agreed on routes but are still working out the fine details, which includes approval from private property owners. Staff is optimistic that a final map will be ready for review at Tuesday’s meeting.

In addition, staff is recommending that Council eliminate route approval from the ordinance and establish the revised routes by resolution. If a route needs to be amended in the future, doing so by resolution will be much more efficient. Further, a resolution will allow for use of a map as an attached exhibit to accurately describe the routes.

Staff is recommending approval of the 3rd reading of the ordinance.

Criminal Penalty Ordinance, 3rd Reading

The State of Iowa has increased its minimum and maximum fines for simple misdemeanors. This ordinance amendment brings the City’s code into harmony with state law, so as to promote equitable outcomes. Staff recommends approval.

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