Police Report for November 2021

Traffic Contacts: 279
Parking Contacts: 23
Vehicle Inspections: 21
Crash Investigations: 21
Public Assists: 285
Assist Other Agency: 119
Crimes Against Persons Report: 6
Crimes Against Property Report: 5
Other Reports: 21
Arrests: 14
Warrants: 1
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 9
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 4
Crimes Against Property Charges: 0
Other Charges: 7
Animal Calls: 33
Total Calls for Service: 1611
* Total Calls for Service for the Year: 19909



  • Members attended monthly training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, and dive team. (40 hours)
  • Chief attended Management Rights Training in Moline (8 hours)
  • Chief attended the Line of Duty Death Response Unified Command Field Guide table top exercise in Des Moines (7 hours)
  • Justin Jacobi is still at the police academy and will graduate December 17th.
  • Two officers attended interview and interrogations school at MTTU in Moline (32 hours)
  • Two officers attended bomb recognition training at the JECC (16 hours)


Public Relations:

  • We coordinated with Z’s catering to provide 44 full Thanksgiving meals to 32 North Liberty Families. Each meal served 4 people and consisted of turkey, three sides, rolls, and pie. The department paid for the meal and the pies; the rolls were generously donated by Cross park Hy-Vee. Participants were chosen from applications that were handed out by the NL Food Pantry and we were able to serve everyone who applied from North Liberty. The funds used were donated to the police department and from fingerprint services. This was the first year for the program, and a great give back to our community. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.
  • The Better Way Forward (students and parents from Clear Creek Amana High School) came to the PD for a tour and to drop off a cake as a thank you to Officer Santiago and Officer Vazquez for being guest speakers during their Latino Heritage month discussions.
  • An officer held a safety presentation at an in-home day care/ preschool.
  • Five child safety seat inspections were completed for the month.



  • We received three new deliberators under a State of Iowa private grant. These will be used for patrol purposes.
  • All patrol cars with radar detection units were certified by Midwest Radars. This is done annually for court purposes.



  • Officers continue with Traffic Enforcement on HWY 965 in the Construction Zone. The contractors have appreciated their presence.


Department Admin:

  • We opened the hiring process to backfill a vacant position. Applications will close in December 10th and can be found on NLPD-Hiring-Packet-Final-2021.pdf (northlibertyiowa.org)
  • The budget was submitted for initial review.
  • We were notified we were not awarded the COPS grant we applied for this summer. Awards were given out to only couple departments in Iowa.
  • Union negotiations were held and a tentative agreement was signed. This will go to the council for approval.
  • We continue to try to get the punch list items completed for the police building with Tricon. We have 6 pending items to go.
  • Our University of Iowa intern will be with us until the end of the semester. She has been helping out with records, evidence and riding along with the officers.
  • Applications that we created for the Thanksgiving meals was also used for coordinating the Holiday Giving Tree. Families who were interested in participating were sent applications with the like, wishes and sizes of children in the home. The information will then go on to ornaments that will be adopted by Santa’s helpers to help make someone’s holiday a little brighter.
  • FBI launched a new program for the reporting of our National Incident Crime Reports. It can be found on  CDE :: Crime (cloud.gov).  These reports are submitted monthly to the FBI and you can search the type of crime, victim and offender demographics, cases cleared, the types of crime at the State and National level.
  • Judge signed off on a drug disposal order that we could dispose of. All drugs and paraphernalia were property disposed of.
  • Continue to work on reviewing and updating the policy manual. A new policy was created for issuing retirement identification cards, a waiver of liability sign off and an option if retired officers want to come back to qualify annually with the department.
  • We continue to collect and review the Traffic Contact Collection Sheet. Preliminary numbers are being submitted to Dr. Barnum monthly. We have found some issues with the data transmission and are working to correct the errors by manually entering the missing information.  For example, the literal location is listed, but the GPS coordinates are not getting copied to the export data sheet. Records can manually enter this information but the work is being duplicated. The information was already entered by the officers at the time of the stop and is supposed to be exported from our RMS provider. We have struggled with this all year from our software provider.
  • Juan Santiago will be hosting his 25th and final toy drive for DVIP. The donation box will be in the lobby of the PD for anyone that wants to donate to this great cause.
  • We are seeing an increase in positive COVID cases among staff, and within their families, that have been vaccinated.


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