Police Report for March 2022

Traffic Contacts: 302
Parking Contacts: 15
Vehicle Inspections: 24
Vehicle Unlocks: 15
Crash Investigations: 8
Public Assists: 353
Assist Other Agency: 115
Crimes Against Persons Report: 12
Crimes Against Property Report: 16
Other Reports: 28
Arrests: 22
Warrants: 6
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 8
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 7
Crimes Against Property Charges: 3
Other Charges: 11
Animal Calls: 49
Total Calls for Service: 1741
* Total Calls for Service for the Year: 5298



  • Members attended monthly Canine, Bomb Squad, Tactical Team, and Dive team (64 hours)
  • Officer Jacobi completed his Field Training and was released to solo patrol. He will be going to night shift.
  • Two officers attended tactical medical training in Des Moines. (16 hours)
  • Officer Rockafellow attended the National Life Saver’s Conference in Chicago. This is also funded by GTSB and he completed the annual grant and represented NLPD at these events. (32 hours)
  • Chief attended part one of the FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Trilogy in Cedar Rapids (40 hours)
  • An officer attended the online Understanding Implicit Racial Bias Learning Exchange virtually (6 hours)


Public Relations:

  • An officer completed 2 child safety seat inspections.
  • NLPD is assisting with the Community Police Academy that meets every Wednesday. 7 out of the 20 participants are from North Liberty.
  • We hosted a Cub Scout tour at the station.
  • Several officers attended the North Liberty Optimist Pancake Breakfast.
  • We continue to work the school events at their request. This included dances and sporting events.


  • We demoed two additional virtual reality judgement simulators. We are researching which one will be the best for this department.
  • We provided 54 terabytes of storage to the metro-cybercrimes team. This hardware is in exchange for us to use their services.



  • We had cars broken into at Penn Meadows Park. Cars are targeted that have visible bags and purses to steal. Investigations is still reviewing video to try to identify the individuals.
  • We had a report of an armed robbery at the Verizon store. The clerk was assaulted, but nothing was taken. The case is still under investigation.
  • We had a report of a theft from LD express where a group distracted the clerk and then stole several power tools. This is also under investigation as we continue to follow leads.
  • A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle in the parking lot of Village Drive.


Department Admin:

  • Our DMACC Criminal Justice unpaid college intern continues observing and helping records. She has around 20 hours to complete for her college credit.
  • Officer Rhonda Hayes started with the department. She is a 9.5-year veteran officer that moved here from Storm Lake. She is starting her Field Training to get acclimated to our culture here at NLPD.
  • One unpaid college intern was selected from the applications we received. We usually host only one at a time, so this intern will be for the summer session.
  • Former Officer Cade Burma resigned and his remaining $20,000 contract was reimbursed by ICPD.
  • Had a meeting with JC Sheriff, CV Police Chief and Community Health about sharing a mental health liaison between the three departments. We are working on the logistics, an MOU and a job description. We are excited for this opportunity coming to fruition. The 4 entities will share costs and the region has given us the go ahead to start this planning process.  It is 100% funded the first year and then steps down a quarter each year, until it is 25% funded by the Region. After the 3 years, we will then split the 75% difference 1/3 between JCSO, CVPD and NLPD.
  • Gave a conditional offer to a 10-year veteran officer from Marion PD. He accepted and we will work on getting him onboard next month. This will fill any vacancies in the department.
  • Had a curriculum review meeting for the ILEA council and what an audit would look like for other academies. These meetings help with the administrative code changes, operating procedures, and setting a clear direction for overseeing all police academies in the State.
  • Juan Santiago informed the department of his upcoming retirement date of July 15th. This will be another first for NLPD and we are excited to plan his party and see what the future brings for Juan. There will be more to come on this.
  • Data is still being reviewed and validated for the traffic stop study analysis from Dr Barnum.
  • Bryan Davis was appointed to the Johnson County Juvenile Justice Committee. He will represent law enforcement in the county with this position.
  • Records is working on the 2021 yearend report.
  • Chief, Records Supervisor, and a Sergeant met with the CAD consultants about our Record Management System (RMS), in car mobile computers, and the dispatching software (Computer Automated Dispatching). The purpose was to review our specific needs for the police department and to address issues with have with the system we are currently using. The current system is all under one suite/vendor and is utilized by dispatch, law enforcement, fire, and ambulance in Johnson County. We look forward to the results of the evaluation.

Respectfully Submitted by Chief Diane Venenga and Alisha Ruffcorn 4/5/2022

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