Police Report for April 2022

Traffic Contacts: 289
Parking Contacts: 17
Vehicle Inspections: 27
Vehicle Unlocks: 11
Crash Investigations: 14
Public Assists: 277
Assist Other Agency: 113
Crimes Against Persons Report: 9
Crimes Against Property Report: 14
Other Reports: 32
Arrests: 28
Warrants: 5
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 10
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 4
Crimes Against Property Charges: 2
Other Charges: 12
Animal Calls: 50
Total Calls for Service: 1722
* Total Calls for Service for the Year: 7020



• Members attended monthly Canine, Bomb Squad, Tactical Team, and Dive team (64 hours)
• Two certified officers were hired and have started their modified Field Training Program.
• Chief attended online training on Crime Stats and NIBRS for Police Professionals program and reporting information (6 hours)
• On-duty supervisors attended the Reasonable Suspicion annual training for recognizing impaired employees (6 hours)
• Chief and an Honor Guard member attended the Line of Duty Death table top exercise in Coralville for the regional teams (8 hours)
• Lieutenant attended a week-long training for Managing the Lost Person Incident at the JECC. (40 hours)
• Our negotiator attended 3 days of training at an Illinois Crisis Negotiators Conference in Moline. (24 hours)
• All officers completed online policy review for Firearms and Use of Force. (20 hours)


Public Relations:

• Officers provided active shooter response training (ALICE) to city staff at their facilities.
• We continue to help facilitate the community policing program by providing speakers and our liaison.
• Officers attended the Kites for Kids celebration and helped to assemble kites.
• National Prescription Drug take back took place on April 30th. We collected 42 pounds of expired or unused medications. We also collect medications year-round and dispose of them twice a year through this program.
• The Police Department, Fire Department and the Street Department assisted with the We Run Crandic event in town for traffic control.
• An officer worked the Solon Prom Party at Southslope.
• We completed 5 Child Safety Checks this month.


  • We purchased a new taser and holster as a replacement for one that went bad.
  • We are working with Johnson Control on a maintenance contract and audit for our energy needs. They provided the software and computer technology for running the HVAC unit. We continue to have problems regulating the thermostats within in the building. Several control boxes have been replaced already for continued failures.
  • We received a small bomb disposal robot with an arm/camera from the Federal 10-33 program. This is in NLPD’s name, but it will be assigned and housed with the Johnson County Metro Bomb equipment. Shipping, insurance and all expenses are covered by the Johnson County EMA. Our officer, Joel Miller is the new bomb team commander.



• We saw an increase in OWI arrests this month. (10 in April compared to 1 in March).


Department Admin:

• Our intern completed her 150 hours for her criminal justice degree program through DMACC.
• Chief declared a two pit bulls dangerous that reside at 275 Heritage Drive. The owners requested an appeal and the decision was upheld by city administration. The public was made aware and we are working with the owners to comply with the code if they decide to keep the dangerous dogs in the city limits.
• Records completed the End of the Year reporting guide. The design was changed this year since most crime stats are available on-line through the State’s iCrime site. This year’s publication is more of a magazine style and will help commemorate our history, services and activity behind the scenes.
• Chief attended meetings for the ILEA council in Des Moines, online Guideline Advisory Board, JECC User Advisory Committee (UAC), the Gun Violence Intervention informative meeting with the county attorney and community service members, the Department Head meetings, and the monthly Chief’s meeting.
• Officer Jordan Gallagher accepted our remaining full-time position. He is a Drug Recognition Expert, just retired his Canine from Marion PD and has 10 years of experience as a police officer.
• Newly hired certified officer, Rhonda Hayes completed her Field Training and is on solo patrol. She will be working evenings.
• We updated three policies for line of duty death, peer support and officer involved shooting to stress the importance of the peer support program and best practices uses.

Respectfully Submitted by Chief Diane Venenga and Alisha Ruffcorn 5/3/2022

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