Police Report for May 2022

Traffic Contacts: 436
Parking Contacts: 20
Vehicle Inspections: 16
Vehicle Unlocks: 28
Crash Investigations: 24
Public Assists: 413
Assist other Agency: 145
Crimes Against Persons Report: 11
Crimes Against Property Report: 22
Other Reports: 24
Arrests: 24
Warrants: 7
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 11
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 5
Crimes Against Property Charges: 3
Other Charges: 13
Animal Calls: 64
Total Calls for Service: 2,185
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 9,205


  • Members attended monthly Canine, Bomb Squad, Tactical Team, and Dive team (64 hours)
  • The 2 newest officers attended the week-long CIT training course for Johnson County. All officers have been through this training (80 hours)
  • All officers attended bi-annual range and defensive tactics training at the Cedar Rapids range. Prior to the training, all officers reviewed the Use of Force Policy online. This is taught by NLPD instructors. (232 hours)
  • One officer attended the Bomb Team Commanders National Conference. This is required to be the Johnson County Metro Bomb Squad team commander (40 hours)
  • Chief and the Lieutenant attended the Iowa Police Chief’s Association annual leadership conference in Coralville. (48 hours).
  • 2 Sergeants attended supervisor training for the latest Back the Blue bill changes for internal affairs investigations with Daigle Law Group, hosted at the Chief’s conference. (8 hours)
  • Chief attended an online class on Iowa records and retention policies. (6 hours)
  • A Sergeant attended a mass hazardous tabletop training exercise at the bulk tanks located north of town. (Buckeye Terminals). (3 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Officers worked private events at Green State Credit Union and area prom parties.
  • Officers showed off a patrol car at the Remarkable Rigs event at Centennial Park for the summer slate programming.
  • We assisted NLFD with an apartment fire. Officers drug hoses, managed a nozzle or two, handled traffic, taped the area off and flew the drown to help identify hot spots. Two of the officers have firefighting experience and was a team effort.
  • PD was involved in the playground crawl for the Summer Slate programming. We had a dive team member attend, along with a canine demonstration.
  • We completed 3 Child Safety Checks this month.
  • A member with the Johnson County Honor Guard attended and presented the flags for the Iowa Police Chief’s Conference in Coralville.
  • We had over 100 2nd graders from Garner Elementary come to the PD for a tour.


  • We updated and got the speed trailers and feedback signs out. These are moved around neighborhoods and parks.
  • The new Trek police Electric-bicycle was received. We have been waiting for over a year to receive this item. Bike patrol officers will train and start to use this bike for patrol.


  • We had 10 vehicles windows broken and purses taken from front seats at Penn Meadows Park during a Friday evening soccer match. We do not have any witnesses but believe this is the work the Felony Lane Gang. They move across the US hitting recreational areas, gyms, and school lots looking for purses. Then they cash checks with the identification and checks in the purses. They also attempt to use the credit cards. The individuals are usually not from Iowa. We do ask that people lock their cars, remove their keys and hide anything of value from public view.
  • We declared two dogs (from 275 Heritage Drive) to be dangerous from a dog bite incident. The owner has reported the dogs have been removed from the city limits.

Department Admin:

  • We have a new unpaid intern from the University of Iowa for 150 hours for her criminal justice degree program.
  • We have a second unpaid intern from Iowa State University for 108 hours for his criminal justice degree.
  • We were awarded a GTSB funded contract for overtime for officers for Traffic enforcement. It also allows for the purchase a radar, an in-car camera, and for the coordinator to attend the national and/or state training conference. The total grant award is $22,900
  • Two officers attended the after-action review of the Fire at a North Liberty Apartment Complex.
  • Met with Dr. Barnum for the traffic study preliminary results. The great news is we are not disproportionate on the outcome of the stops like for arrest, search, citations, warnings. 70% of all of the arrest were nondiscretionary charges like driving while revoked or barred, and warrants for their arrest. We have a contract for another year of the traffic stop study to see if we are consistent with the numbers and the outcomes of the stops.
  • Two new officers were sworn in by the mayor.
  • The Johnson County Sexual Abuse Guidelines were updated and provided to all North Liberty Officers.
  • The domestic abuse, sexual assault, and records release policies were updated with legislative changes.
  • Alisha is working on compiling data and information for a Federal COPS grant. We would use this funding to support the need/hiring for a Cybercrimes investigator to help the Johnson County Cybercrimes team (JFACT).
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