Police Report for June 2022

Traffic Contacts 334
Parking Contacts 32
Vehicle Inspections 22
Vehicle Unlocks 18
Crash Investigations 20
Public Assists 464
Assist other Agency 141
Crimes Against Persons Report 14
Crimes Against Property Report 14
Other Reports 38
Arrests 32
Warrants 6
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges 18
Crimes Against Persons Charges 9
Crimes Against Property Charges 1
Other Charges 17
Animal Calls 69
Total Calls for Service 1966
*Total Calls for Service for the year 11171


  • Members attended monthly Canine, Bomb Squad, Tactical Team, and Dive team training (64 hours)
  • Two Sergeants attended 3 days of online training on the police reporting for the National Incident Base Reporting System (NIBRS) from the FBI (48 hours)
  • Chief and Lieutenant attended the 2022 Iowa Law Update in Coralville. (16 hours)
  • Chief and Administrative Assistant attended an online law enforcement suicide reporting feature for the National FBI reporting system. (1 hour)

Public Relations:

  • NLPD investigators gave a presentation to City staff on Human Trafficking Awareness.
  • Officers set up a table at the Let Love Fly event. Attendees used rainbow and glitter paint to put their handprints on a police car.
  • Officer have stopped in to visit with folks at the Ranshaw House Concert Series.
  • We showed off our new E-bike at the Freedom Ride
  • Officers were invited and attended the Block Party in Cedar Springs. They gave tours of their patrol cars
  • North Liberty received the Ranking of #13 for the Safest City in Iowa. This is an increase by 6 spots with Uniform Crime Data reporting (violent crime and property crimes), solving crimes, and population for 2021 information. We saw a decrease in violent and property crimes year over year. For more information see  REPORT LINK HERE.
  • 6 Child Safety Seat checks were completed for the month.



  • Purchased the virtual reality simulator from funds for the forfeiture accounts. It should be delivered in the next few months.
  • We purchased a spare portable radio to have on hand in case a one goes down.
  • We ordered a pop-up tent with our logo to provide shade at community events.
  • Two cars were ordered for the replacement of a patrol car and an administrative vehicle.


  • We followed up with the owners on the recent dangerous dog declaration. The dogs have been removed from town.
  • One vehicle window was broken out and a purse was stolen at a local restaurant. There are no known suspects or witnesses to this theft. We continue to encourage people not to leave their valuables in plain view and to call if they see any suspicious or criminal behavior.
  • We are seeing an increase in animal calls. This includes checking on an animal’s welfare, animals being aggressive, and at-large dogs and cats.

Department Admin:

  • Our two college interns continue to ride and work around the department for the summer.
  • Officer Santiago will retire July 15th and his reception is from 2-4pm at the police department.
  • Chief attended two separate meetings at ILEA for Rules and Curriculum. She also attended a board meeting in Marshalltown for the Iowa Police Chief’s Association as well as the meetings for the Drug Task Force and Johnson County Forensic and Cybercrimes Team (JFACT).
  • We moved over to the 365 migration and are still learning the ins and outs
  • The Department became ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) affiliated with the State and will work to attain training and continue investigations reported to us through national networks of online crimes against children.
  • Records submitted a COPS grant for a new position that would help to fund a cyber-crimes investigator.
  • We completed an MOU for a shared CIT social worker/counselor that would work with North Liberty, Johnson County and Coralville. This position is funded through the region and the three entities would take over the full funding after a five-year period.  They will be employed through CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank and supervised through Mobile Crisis. We hope to get this position posted soon.
  • The Admin Lieutenant position was posted internally for current supervisors to get their application packet in for next month.
  • Working on a hiring packet for new hires that will just stay open, so we can keep up to date on current or interested individuals as openings come up.
  • We started the background investigation on an individual that was interested in working for NLPD. We will continue to work through these as we receive applications for the potential upcoming of 2 positions (retirement and internal promotion).
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