Police Report for July 2022

Traffic Contacts 432
Parking Contacts 18
Vehicle Inspections 19
Vehicle Unlocks 26
Crash Investigations 28
Public Assists 391
Assist other Agency 128
Crimes Against Persons Report 10
Crimes Against Property Report 12
Other Reports 24
Arrests 22
Warrants 6
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges 7
Crimes Against Persons Charges 6
Crimes Against Property Charges 3
Other Charges 18
Animal Calls 59
Total Calls for Service 2038
*Total Calls for Service for the year 13209


  • Members attended monthly trainings for Canine, Bomb Squad, Tactical Team, Negotiator, Honor Guard, and Dive Team (80 hours)
  • Two officers attended the local drone school to become pilots. One of our current pilots taught the class. (44 hours)
  • One officer attended a weeklong training on active shooter emergency response. (40 hours)

Public Relations:

  • Two officers assisted with City Service Day for the Summer Lunch Program.
  • Four (4) child safety seat checks were completed
  • Two officers, two paramedics and a civilian were awarded a life savings award from the city for a fast response and successful CPR on a cardiac patient. Thanks to them, his life was saved, and he was discharged from the hospital.
  • Several officers worked Blues and BBQ. We also had children who attended, add their rainbow hand prints on one of our squads.
  • Officers attended community events on Shannon Drive and the Free Concert at the Ranshaw House.


  • We worked on getting two new cars up and running.
  • Working with the insurance adjuster for damage to a patrol car and to the department’s entry gate. The gate was damaged while an officer was exiting the lot.
  • Continued problems with our rooftop HVAC unit. Especially on hot days the air conditioner stops working.   Working with contractors to pinpoint the problem.


  • There have been a couple reports in Cedar Springs and Fox Run of young boys (10-13) attempting to kick in front doors after 10pm for the latest Tik Tok Challenge. They were identified, and the parents/boys were made aware of the dangers.
  • We have been dealing with a welfare assist of individuals in Holiday. Mainly, what to do with their dog when they went for care at the hospital and a long-term facility. The owners want to claim the dog when they get out. The dog is aggressive and currently at Cedar Valley Humane Society. Due to the circumstances and the temperament of the dog, we served the owners a 7 days’ notice to make other arrangements for the care of their dog while they are recovering.
  • We assisted ICPD and CVPD on locating suspects in a theft of baby formula from their Hy-Vee Stores. We were able to recover the stolen property and turned over the suspects for their investigations.
  • Officers continue to work the GTSB traffic enforcement projects.

Department Admin:

  • Our two college interns continue to ride and work around the department for the summer.
  • Officer Santiago retired in the middle of July. We wish him well in his retirement.
  • Chief assisted Coralville PD with the funeral planning for Sgt John Williams. She is the area Line of Duty Death commander for the Iowa Police Chef’s Association. This was a team effort with Iowa Cops, CVPD, the Williams family and the Iowa Sheriff’s and Deputies Association Honor Guard.
  • Chief attended the JECC User Advisory Quarterly Meeting, a Line of Duty Death After Action Review, Guidelink Law Enforcement Meeting, and the Johnson County Chiefs’ Meeting.
  • Updated several policies for legislation that was passed by the most recent legislative changes for vehicle pursuits, child abuse, officer response to calls, record maintenance and release and the wellness program policy.
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