Open Houses for North Liberty’s Draft Plan for Tomorrow

The full revision of North Liberty’s comprehensive plan, Connected to Tomorrow, is reaching its final stages, and the city will host two open houses to share the draft plan’s visions, goals and priorities.

The plan is an essential tool that guides community leaders and decision-makers for sound and efficient community growth based on the vision of community stakeholders.

Community involvement is the cornerstone of the North Liberty Connected to Tomorrow plan. A successful plan is identified not just with the elected and appointed officials who adopt it, but with the entire community who will helped draft it and want to see it followed and maintained. The Connected to Tomorrow plan should not be considered a static document, but rather the result of a continuous process to gather and evaluate information and make informed decisions based on constantly changing conditions.

An in-person open house will be held in the Community Center, 520 W. Cherry St. from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2022, and an online open house will be held from 12 to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27. The open houses will be an informal setting to view various parts of the long-range plan, including land use, mobility, parks and recreation, art and culture, and services. Public participation is encouraged and will help finalize the vision for the North Liberty Connected to Tomorrow plan.

The open houses are come-and-go events, although the virtual option will have a short presentation and invite you to view virtual exhibits on your own. Light snacks will be provided at the in-person event. More information about the project is at The final plan will be presented in November to the City Council, who will then consider adoption.

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