Update on Snow Operations and Travel Conditions for Sunday, Jan. 14, 2023

After running continuous road clearing operations since the evening of Thursday, Jan. 11, which began with eight continuous plows before shifting to two teams running 10-hour shifts, North Liberty plow crews paused operations at 8 a.m. to allow drivers opportunity to rest.

While north-side roads are particularly susceptible to wind-blown snow with open fields that don’t block wind, all of North Liberty’s roads are open with the exception of Leninger Drive, Nick Lane and Penn Court (businesses have access) and Forevergreen Estates, which is blocked by stalled vehicles.

When crews return to operations, they will continue clearing city streets, prioritizing primary and secondary streets over lower-traffic residential roads and cul de sacs. However, the extremely cold temperatures render road de-icing agents ineffective.

Cars and trucks remain strained throughout the state, and travel the county’s emergency management agency has advised against travel through noon Sunday.

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