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Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

The prize has been claimed, but the spot is marked if you’d like to continue your hunt for it.

Each Tuesday in November, we’ll release on this website a clue to find a hidden medallion located somewhere on public property in North Liberty. The first person to find the medallion and return it to the Recreation Department’s front desk will win the week’s prize. If the prize isn’t claimed by noon on Friday, we’ll release a second clue. Get the full details.

This week’s prize is a Holiday Meals package:

  • A holiday family meal for six people from Z’s Catering
  • A second holiday family meal pack to give to a family of your choice
  • $100 gift cards for North Liberty Recreation Department programming

The clue is:

8 Tiny & Up North

This event is part of the City Slate. The yearlong schedule of events is made possible by Adam Schechinger State Farm, Centro, Inc, The Eastern Iowa Airport – CID, GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, Hills Bank, MidWestOne Bank, Shive-Hattery, South Slope Cooperative, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Veridian Credit Union.

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Category: Police Reports

Local Law Enforcement Introduces Mental Health Liaison

Kieonna Pope was introduced by North Liberty Police Chief Diane Venenga, Coralville Police Chief Shane Kron, Johnson County Sherriff Brad Kunkel and CommUnity Crisis Service Executive Director Sarah Nelson as the mental health liaison serving their jurisdictions. Pope, an employee of CommUnity Crisis Services, will partner with the North Liberty Police Department, Coralville Police Department…

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Learn More About Local Law Enforcement in the 2023 Community Police Academy The Johnson County Community Police Academy works to promote a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the community it serves through education and hands-on learning. Law enforcement officers and guest instructors meet with participants once a week for 10 weeks for classroom and hands-on instruction. Each student will have the opportunity to ride along…

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Police Report for July 2022

Traffic Contacts 432 Parking Contacts 18 Vehicle Inspections 19 Vehicle Unlocks 26 Crash Investigations 28 Public Assists 391 Assist other Agency 128 Crimes Against Persons Report 10 Crimes Against Property Report 12 Other Reports 24 Arrests 22 Warrants 6 Alcohol/Narcotics Charges 7 Crimes Against Persons Charges 6 Crimes Against Property Charges 3 Other Charges 18…

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Police Report for June 2022

Traffic Contacts 334 Parking Contacts 32 Vehicle Inspections 22 Vehicle Unlocks 18 Crash Investigations 20 Public Assists 464 Assist other Agency 141 Crimes Against Persons Report 14 Crimes Against Property Report 14 Other Reports 38 Arrests 32 Warrants 6 Alcohol/Narcotics Charges 18 Crimes Against Persons Charges 9 Crimes Against Property Charges 1 Other Charges 17…

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Police Report for May 2022

Traffic Contacts: 436 Parking Contacts: 20 Vehicle Inspections: 16 Vehicle Unlocks: 28 Crash Investigations: 24 Public Assists: 413 Assist other Agency: 145 Crimes Against Persons Report: 11 Crimes Against Property Report: 22 Other Reports: 24 Arrests: 24 Warrants: 7 Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 11 Crimes Against Persons Charges: 5 Crimes Against Property Charges: 3 Other Charges: 13…

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Police Report for April 2022

Traffic Contacts: 289 Parking Contacts: 17 Vehicle Inspections: 27 Vehicle Unlocks: 11 Crash Investigations: 14 Public Assists: 277 Assist Other Agency: 113 Crimes Against Persons Report: 9 Crimes Against Property Report: 14 Other Reports: 32 Arrests: 28 Warrants: 5 Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 10 Crimes Against Persons Charges: 4 Crimes Against Property Charges: 2 Other Charges: 12…

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Police Report for March 2022

Traffic Contacts: 302 Parking Contacts: 15 Vehicle Inspections: 24 Vehicle Unlocks: 15 Crash Investigations: 8 Public Assists: 353 Assist Other Agency: 115 Crimes Against Persons Report: 12 Crimes Against Property Report: 16 Other Reports: 28 Arrests: 22 Warrants: 6 Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 8 Crimes Against Persons Charges: 7 Crimes Against Property Charges: 3 Other Charges: 11…

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