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City Hall Moved at 360 N Main St.

City Hall Moved at 360 N Main St.

City Hall has relocated to 360 N. Main St., adjacent to the North Liberty Police Station.

The public can accesses the same services at the new location during the same business hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Departments located at the building include Administration, Billing and Finance, Building Inspection, Planning, Community Relations and Human Resources.

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Driveway Permit Checklist & Information

Application review and approval requires the following:

Fully completed Permit Application (complete and submit online [preferred], mail in, or drop off at City Hall, 360 N Main Street in North Liberty)

Pay Fee (available through the online application process or drop off at City Hall)

Site Map to scale, which includes the following information and is uploaded or submitted with application:

  • Property’s Street Address
  • North Arrow
  • Lot Size with Dimensions
  • All Structures on the property labeled + dimensions
  • Right-of-Ways or Easements marked
  • Location and dimensions of the proposed driveway or driveway addition
  • Identification of driveway material and thickness

Permits are approved with these conditions understood:

  • Design, Construction, and Installation of driveways shall comply with all elements of Section 169.01 of the North Liberty Code of Ordinances.
  • Permit must be approved and issued before construction may begin.
  • Call for utility locates before installation/construction begins.
  • In Residential Zones, Driveways must be setback 3’ from Side Lot Lines

Online Application Portal:

Complete your application & detailed project proposal, upload them through the online application portal.

  • Enter the project address in the “Property Information” field and pick from the drop down addresses.
  • Type “fence” in Contractor field and choose from drop down list (if you are using a contractor).
  • Scroll down to Upload your application & project plans, and Submit.

North Liberty Code regarding Driveways:

North Liberty Code of Ordinances Chapter 169.01 – Off-Street Parking

North Liberty Code of Ordinances:

North Liberty Code of Ordinances

Additional Information

Driveway Approach Specifications SUDAS

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