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Indoor pool closed

Indoor pool closed

Our indoor pool is, unfortunately closed until further notice. Last night, a motor failed and will need to be replaced. We hope to have a timeline for reopening later in the week of May 13.

City Hall Reopened at 360 N Main St.

City Hall Reopened at 360 N Main St.

City Hall has moved from its previous, leased offices into the new, permanent building at 360 N. Main St. at 7 a.m.

The public can accesses the same services at the new location during the same business hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Departments located at the building include Administration, Billing and Finance, Building Inspection, Planning, Community Relations and Human Resources.

A ribbon cutting and open house is planned for Tuesday, May 14, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

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Fence Permits Checklist & Information

Application review and approval requires the following:

Fully completed Permit Application (complete and submit online [preferred], mail in, or drop off at City Hall, 3 Quail Creek Circle in North Liberty).

Pay Fee (available through the online application process or drop off at City Hall).

Site plan uploaded or brought with application which includes:

  • North arrow.
  • Property street address.
  • Lot size with dimensions.
  • Street name(s).
  • All structures on property.
  • Right-of-way and easements marked (if known).
  • Location of fence and setback distances from all property lines.
  • Fence dimensions illustrated with gates, gate width, and swing direction included.

(please contact Building or Planning Department if you need assistance with site plan questions).

Permits are approved with these conditions understood:

  • Installation shall comply with Section 169.05 of the North Liberty Zoning Code.
  • Permit is approved and issued before construction/installation commences.
  • Installation of the fence shall not obstruct the storm water flow thru the drainage areas and easements of your property.
  • Locate and expose all property corner pins prior to installation of the fence to ensure the placement of the fence will be within the lot boundaries of the described property on the recorded final plat.
  • Wood fences shall have the finished side facing toward adjoining properties and/or the public right of way.
  • Installation of the fence shall not restrict access rights granted by easements.
  • Check for development (HOA) restrictions before installing the fence.
  • Call for utility locates before installation begins.
  • Maintain required 25-ft. triangle of Corner Visual Clearance in yard corner areas near street intersections.
  • Dog runs constructed solely for the purpose of confining dogs for exercising and feeding may be located in a residential zone, provided that they shall not be located in a front yard or side yard or closer than 10 feet to any lot

Online Application Portal:

  • Complete your application & detailed project proposal, upload them through the online application portal.
  • Enter the project address in the “Property Information” field and pick from the drop down addresses.
  • Type “fence” in Contractor field and choose from drop down list (if you are using a contractor).
  • Scroll down to Upload your application & project plans, and Submit.

Additional Information

Corner and mid-Block Yard Description Maps

Corner Lot Fence Location Illustration

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