Sign Permit Checklist & Information

Application review and approval requires the following:

Fully completed Permit Application (complete and submit online [preferred], mail in, or drop off at City Hall, 3 Quail Creek Circle in North Liberty)

Pay Fee (available through the online application process or drop off at City Hall)

Site Map uploaded which includes:

  • Property’s Street Address
  • Sign Location
  • To Scale Depiction of Location of the sign(s) on the building or lot
  • Clearance from the ground (including type of surface is below, i.e. grass, sidewalk, driveway, fire lane)
  • Exact Wording on the sign with entire sign design depicted in color
  • Letter height of all words
  • Length of each print line
  • Overall Dimensions of the sign
  • Total length of the building or tenant space to which sign pertains
  • Total dimensions of any existing signs on the building or property
  • Complete Design specifications regarding materials, electrical, mounting specs. (if applicable), and construction specifications for Wall, Ground, Pole, and Monument signs

Permits are approved with these conditions understood:

  • Design, Construction, and Installation shall comply with all elements of Section 173 of the North Liberty Code of Ordinances.
  • Call for utility locates before installation begins.
  • Maintain required 25-ft. triangle of Corner Visual Clearance in yard corner areas near street intersections.

Online Application Portal:

Complete your application & detailed project proposal, upload them through the online application portal

  • Enter the project address in the “Property Information” field and pick from the drop down addresses.
  • Type “sign” in Contractor field and choose from drop down list (if you are using a contractor).
  • Scroll down to Upload your application & project plans, and Submit.

North Liberty Code regarding Signs:

North Liberty Code of Ordinances Chapter 173 – Signs

North Liberty Code of Ordinances:

North Liberty Code of Ordinances

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