Rental Property

Rental property in North Liberty is required to be inspected and permitted. The full ordinance is available here.


Apply for a rental permit by completing the rental permit application.

The city rental inspector will assess the following to determine a dwelling’s readiness to rent (the owner or his or her acting agent must inform tenants of upcoming rental inspections and be present for all inspections):

Fire Safety

❑ For multi-family buildings, fire extinguishers are provided and spaced no farther than 75 feet apart.
❑ Fire alarms are tested yearly with documentation.
❑ Horns/strobes or pull stations are not missing.
❑ Fire sprinkler systems are tested yearly with documentation.
❑ Sprinkler heads are not painted over or obstructed.
❑ Exit signs are in place, functional and secure.
❑ Emergency lighting is in place, functional and secure.
❑ All electrical wires are concealed or protected.
❑ All penetrations through fire rated walls/floors/ceilings are properly sealed with appropriate materials.
❑ All mechanical equipment has proper clearance to combustibles.

Interior Corridors, Hallways, Stairways and Vestibules

❑ All trash and rubbish is disposed of properly.
❑ All doors are functional, and doors that are required to be fire rated are in place and are self-closing with smoke gaskets.
❑ Stairway and corridor walls are free of holes.
❑ Steps are structurally sound with handrails and guardrails in place.
❑ All stairways are properly illuminated.
❑ Egress width is maintained through corridor and stairway systems.
❑ Exit doors are operational from the inside without the need of a key or special knowledge.

Bedrooms and Other Habitable Rooms

❑ Each bedroom is at least 70 square feet in area.
❑ At least two separate and remote electrical outlets are provided.
❑ At least one lighting outlet is provided.
❑ At least one egress window is provided for every bedroom, including every bedroom in a basement.
❑ Egress windows meet width and height requirements.
❑ Sleeping rooms in a basement meet the requirements for bedrooms.
❑ Approved smoke detectors are provided in each bedroom and elsewhere as required.


❑ All electrical receptacles are GFCI protected.
❑ At least one electrical outlet and one light fixture are provided.
❑ At least one bathtub or shower, water closet/toilet, and lavatory are provided.
❑ Hot water is provided to bathtubs, lavatories and showers.
❑ Ceiling height is at least 7 feet and not less than 6feet 8inches above plumbing fixtures.
❑ Plumbing is leak-free and in good working condition.
❑ Exhaust fan or operable window is provided for ventilation.


❑ Sink is in working order.
❑ Hot water is provided to the sink.
❑ All electrical outlets above the kitchen counter are GFCI protected.
❑ Three-foot walkway/path is provided between countertops and other appliances/countertops.
❑ Proper equipment and space is provided for food storage and preparation.
❑ At least one light fixture is provided.

Dwelling Unit General Items

❑ Permanent heat is provided and capable of maintaining at least 68 degrees.
❑ All electrical circuit breakers are identified.
❑ Dryer transition ducts do not exceed 8 feet in length.
❑ All mechanical equipment is maintained in proper condition and is performing as intended.

Other Items

❑ There is no cracked or peeling paint.
❑ All walls, doors and windows are free of holes and in good repair.
❑ Extension cords are not used as permanent wiring method.
❑ All accessory structures/buildings are maintained structurally sound and in good repair.
❑ All areas of the property drain correctly with no ponding areas.


❑ Address number is posted on wall of building facing street.
❑ One- and two-family dwellings have numbers at least 4 inches in height. Multi-family have numbers at least 6 inches in height or as required by Fire Code.
❑ All trash and rubbish is disposed of properly.
❑ Trash bins are not overflowing and recycling bins are provided for all multi-family dwellings.
❑ All walkways are safe with no abrupt changes in elevation
❑ All exit doors are unobstructed.
❑ There is no rotting wood, missing siding or chipping paint.
❑ All steps/stairways are structurally sound and rise/run is even.
❑ All handrails and guardrails are in place and structurally sound for stairs, balconies, decks and porches.
❑ All exterior entrances/exits are illuminated.
❑ All windows and doors are in good, sound condition with no broken glass.
❑ Screens are in place or available for operable windows.
❑ All accessible exterior electrical receptacles are GFCI protected with weatherproof enclosures.
❑ Parking lot surfaces are appropriate, not dilapidated or deteriorated.
❑ Garbage dumpsters are kept within dumpster enclosures and enclosures are in good condition.
❑ Cars or other vehicles are not parked on unpaved portions of the lot.
❑ Cars, toys, yard equipment, household goods, or other materials are not stored outside.
❑ All trees, shrubs, and grass areas are maintained as approved by the City and replaced when necessary.



Iowa Housing Search
Funded by the Iowa Finance Authority, fosters collaboration among Iowa landlords, various housing organizations and Iowans seeking rental housing. The initiative is supported by an advisory group of representatives from agencies, organizations and professional associations from across the state. Search is also available through a bilingual, toll-free call center Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 1 (877) 428-8844 for assistance.


Submit a rental property complaint to our inspection department.

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