Waste Water

North Liberty’s water pollution control plant underwent a major renovation and upgrade in 2008 to meet the growing population of North Liberty. The plant uses a state-of-the-art bio-membrane reactor, which uses filters to remove particles larger than .004 µ (there are 25,400 microns in an inch). The plant’s upgrade from a conventional treatment facility vastly improved the output, and has benefited the local ecosystem, with fish and other wildlife able to return to Muddy Creek immediate adjacent to the plant.

The $8.4 million plant was the first membrane bio-reactor plant in Iowa and has been awarded the Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award, Special Recognition for Water Quality in July 2009, a prestigious award recognizing leadership and innovation in the protection of Iowa’s natural resources. The project was also recognized with a 1st Place Overall from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Iowa Grand Conceptor Award and in the Water and Waste Water category in 2010, and a National Finalist Award from 2010 National Finalist Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies in Washington, D.C. In July 2010, the plant recognized as a top performer, and featured in the industry publication Treatment Operator Magazine for its cleanliness.

A second phase to expand capacity was completed in 2018 to meet North Liberty’s continued growth.

Help keep our water water system, don’t flush items like paper towels or so-called flushable wipes, and avoid fats, oils and grease. Certain users are required to implement best management practices for their fats, oils and grease.

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