Parks and Recreation Commission on February 4, 2021


7:00 p.m., via Zoom

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and safety concerns require City of North Liberty public meetings to be held electronically, so as to limit the spread of the virus. The public is invited to submit questions and comments in advance of the meeting for consideration submitting them to the City Clerk Tracey Mulcahey via email at [email protected].

This meeting may be accessed live by the public on the internet at, on Facebook at or on YouTube at You can also attend by phone; call 1 (312) 626 6799 with a touch-tone phone and to enter the meeting ID 849 9722 8401 and nine-digit meeting password 578051735. Meetings are rebroadcast on cable and available on-demand on


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. January 7, 2021
  3. Reports
    1. Parks Report
    2. Recreation/Pool Report
    3. Questions or Concerns
  4. Next Meeting
    1. Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 7:00pm.
  5. Adjourn


1. Call to Order
7:00 pm by Richard Grugin
2. Approval of Minutes
January 7th, 2020
Motion by Craig Sundell, second by Jeremy Parrish. Motion carried.
3. Reports
Recreation/Pool Report
• January was a half a month with delays. Everything started up around
• Members were happy that the rec programming started back up.
• Averaging 151 users per day early January, then bumped up to 200 per
day by the end of January.
• Continued adaptation as the weather continues to cause issues.
• Provided updates on resident versus non-resident numbers to identify
facility use.
1. Jeremy asked about non-resident breakdown. These consist of
oxford, north east Iowa City, Solon, etc. and then also include
residents who live outside of North Liberty city limits.
• Aquatic fitness classes that restarted are popular, as are some of the
land fitness classes.
• Leagues resumed.
• Afterschool only care continues. Anticipate offering AM and PM soon if
the demand is there now that in-person learning has resumed.
• Membership report shows increased revenue which is positive.
• Members need to still reserve times for specific areas of the rec center.
Example is that if someone comes for weights, they also have to reserve
track times.
• Craig wonders if there is a way to send out communication to the
community noting which timeslots are historically open so people have
1. Shelly noted that people can log on to the database and see what
times are full and what is available.
• Shannon asked about drop-in numbers and if people are still showing up
without reserved slots.
1. Shelly noted that there are some people who try to drop in and
that they turn people away. However, if the individual has limited
access to internet, the rec staff provide support to get individuals
signed up.
2. Brian noted that they have opened more slots now that there is
increased use because of the cold weather.
• Brian noted 13 new pieces of equipment that was replacing equipment
that they previously had. The older equipment was from 2013-2014.
Parks Report
• Performed building maintenance tasks
• Continue Shive Hattery and Ranshaw House Project
• Enhancing trim and working on cleaning.
• Completed city administration door at city hall.
1. Added front glass at counter and security door.
• Dog park is still getting heavily used during the winter.
• Continued maintaining equipment and doing preventative maintenance.
• Working on preparation for upcoming ball season.
• Snow and ice removal from trails and parking lots continues, round
abouts, etc.
• Assisted communications department for Beat the Bitter. Majority of
duties were snow removal.
• Working with Kirkwood programs to find seasonal workers.
1. Also submitted with Cornell, UNI, ISU and UI. Some applicants have
• Shive Hattery and Ranshaw Way stage 5 continues.
• Parks upcoming FY21 budget talks continue.
1. Have had to make some cuts with the budget but overall things are
going ok.
Questions or Concerns
• Jeremy asked about UI advertisement of internship information. This is
occurring through Handshake. Jeremy wants to discuss how to advertise
this towards students who are interested in parks.
1. Shelly also noted that they have a need for Recreation. She will
connect Office of Field Experience.
• Marcia asked about budgetary cuts and what specifically was cut.
1. Guy: requested another employee due to landscaping duties, but
this was delayed x 1 year but will be discussed next year.
Equipment was requested including a Gator and another truck
which were also postponed.
2. Some projects that are hoping to be advanced include tennis court
resurfacing and pickle ball, also hoping to move forward with road
for Centennial Park.
3. Shelly: Recommended viewing City Council meetings as there have
been a lot of fiscal budget talks. There were a few thousand
dollars from the operational budget, but Shelly did not feel that
this was impactful enough to prevent moving forward. Discussed
potential for a community engagement position that was in
development; however, unsure where that is currently at for
moving forward. This individual would be a common resource to
improve communication.
4. Shelly noted that further discussions on the pool heater have
indicated an increase in cost that they had not anticipated.
Working with Ryan to ensure funding, especially as this is a needed
• Craig asked Shelly about code deficiencies and the significance of them.
The biggest is the exhaust of the boiler heaters which is by the intake
and this is being recycled through and deteriorating the equipment.
• Amalia asked about dog park: As soon as the snow melts and the
weather improves, they will lock the dog park gates and keep them
locked until probably the end of May so that over-seeding can be
completed and grass can get established. Planning multiple modes of
communication to get this information to the community. There has
also been an increase in dog registrations so continue to anticipate high
4. Next Meeting
Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 7:00pm.
5. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn by Amalia, second by Craig Sundell, motion carried
at 7:26 pm.



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