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Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

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Transportation Committee on February 27, 2020


6:30 p.m., City Council Chambers

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Open Hearing Regarding On-Demand Service from Public
  4. Review performance of On-Demand Services
  5. Committee Members Concerns
  6. Adjournment


Committee came to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present were Gerry Kuhl. Brian Wayson. Brenda Conry, Jim Jetter, Dena Hess and Terry Donahue.

There was no one from the public to report on their experiences regarding the on-demand service.

However, Dena Hess, a committee member spoke regarding her experiences over the past several weeks.  Overall, her experience has been very good.  She states that the service has given her greater independence.

The only other real comments were as follows:

  • When goes shopping at grocery stores, sometimes the drivers will help load groceries as well as the walker and at other times they do not.
  • Dena made a good point that she would like the opportunity to have laundromats added to the acceptable list of places to go.
  • She also told us about HyVee policy on delivery of groceries. You must have an order of at least $100 and then there is a $10 delivery charge.

The group thought that adding laundromats and also Wal-Mart may be valuable.  The reason for Wal-Mart is that a person could take care of a number of shopping needs from groceries to hardware to pharmacy in one trip instead of possibly needing to chain a number of trips together.

A secondary future add-on may be by specific locations, but not as yet.

The committee then reviewed an initial report made for them by Angela McConville of the first partial month of November and then December/January.

Regarding the report, only pages 1-5 handed out to committee as these were the most meaningful.  These pages covered the initial process and statistics of usage, costs, etc.

Overall, the committee was very complimentary of the report.  A question was asked that after this initial media blitz, we need to make a regular effort to the public in general on the services.

Another comment was made to see if we are covering the medical and dental offices with information. The same is asked regarding ophthalmologists. A final question was asked if there will be any follow-up chances for persons to apply at contact places used previously?

No other items were noted and meeting adjourned at 7:26 p.m.


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