B-Real // Authenticity

B-Real never apologizes for who they are.

What’s B-Real’s story? Flip through the stories submitted by residents and use your imagination to submit your own version through the form below.

B-Real the troll

Being yourself can be tricky in a world that thinks everyone should look, act, or think a certain way. For B-Real, however, being authentic is the only expectation! See, being popular or following trends isn’t really B-Real’s style. With their teal hair, unique jewelry, and down-to earth attitude, B-Real rolls in their own lane instead of following the paths of others.

Now that they are settled here in North Liberty, B-Real has a single mission for our community: the mission of authenticity. Whenever you’re tempted to be like someone else, B-Real is here to remind you how much cooler it is to be your REAL awesome self than an imitation of someone else!

Kellee F.

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