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Rita Book provides guidance.

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Rita Book the fairy

Rita Book has always loved learning. When she was a young fairy she attended the University of Fly-O-Wa and studied everything she could. Her favorite thing in the whole wide, magical world is the encyclopedia (closely followed by her library card and her pet, Leona, a dandelion-fluff-cat). With her trusty encyclopedia she can look up pretty much anything she could ever want to know and the best part is that she can share what she learns with her fairy, troll, and human friends! Want to know how fast a cheetah can run? Ask Rita. (She says that cheetahs can run 50-80 miles per hour—how bonkers is that?) Want to know how old the oldest fairy in the whole world is? Ask Rita. (She says that the oldest fairy is her grandfather, Worm Book, and he’s so old he lost count of the years.) Any question you could possibly have: ask Rita. But, if Rita is not around, try the North Liberty Library!

When Rita isn’t learning new facts, she might be helping her friends with other kinds of problems. Sometimes she knows that sad or frustrating things happen to her friends and she is always ready to offer a listening ear, a word of wisdom, or a guiding hand to anyone who needs it.

Corrie B.

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