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Stan Dup encourages others to fight for what’s right.

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Stan Dup the fairy

Stan was unbelievably excited.

The alders of Nanook were planning a huge, new public flower field atop a beautiful, fluffy cloud, perfect for picnics and playing and photos. Stan was unbelievably excited for this new facility in which to frolic because she was a true stamen stan; She simply loved flowers.

At Nanook’s public open house about the new cloud field, though, she noticed something: the field could only be reached by a ladder.

When Stan got home, she looked up the alders on Nanook’s website and wrote to each of them on the delicate wings of a butterfly: “I’m unbelievably excited for this new facility in which to frolic because I am a true stamen stan,” she said in her b-mail to one official, Alder Tree. “I’m worried, though, that the cloud only will only include a ladder. I hope you will also include a hoist in this and future cloud fields to help ensure all members of our community can get there to frolic.”

At their next meeting, the alders considered the request. “It’s a good idea,” said one. “It could lift picnic baskets to the cloud, too,” said another. “If we made the cloud smaller, the budget doesn’t have to change,” said a third. The change order passed 6 to 0 (with one alder, who owned a cloud-construction company, recusing themself).

Once the cloud field opened, Stan visited almost every day. And she never worried about who she invited along not being able to get up.

Nick B.

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