Deerfield Neighborhood

Deerfield is located in the northwest corner of North Liberty, accessed from 240th Street. Deerfield is home to approximately 200 households and is in the Clear Creek Amana School District. The neighborhood is also home to 4-acre Deerfield Park, which includes a play structure, swings, and small shelter.

Residents of Deerfield are invited to connect with their neighbors on Nextdoor or through the neighborhood’s Facebook group.

Neighborhood Ambassadors

Neighborhood Ambassadors are residents who have volunteered to help navigate their neighbors’ questions and coordinate activities to connect residents of their neighborhood to each other and to the greater community. They are excited to hear from you. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Learn more and apply here.

Beke DubeBeke Dube
1625 Deerfield Dr W
[email protected]
(641) 451-5266

My hidden talent
Once a year, I run a half marathon. Slow as a turtle, but I finish the race.

A mystery I’d like to crack
Are we the only beings in the universe?

My favorite movie
The Shawshank Redemption.

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