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Masks required in city’s buildings

Masks required in city’s buildings

The City of North Liberty now requires masks in its public, indoor spaces. These spaces include the Community Center, City Hall and Council Chambers. This requirement will be in effect while Johnson County sees substantial and high levels of community coronavirus transmission.

This policy, in line with public health guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johnson County Public Health, is targeted to help protect the community from the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus that causes COVID-19, which is responsible for increasing hospitalizations, including among children.

While the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant is concerning, vaccines provide excellent protection against serious illness and help protect others who are vulnerable to the disease. The best way to protect yourself, your family and your community from COVID-19 is to get a free vaccination, available for those 12 and older at local pharmacies and hospitals. Visit to find a site for a free, safe and effective vaccination convenient for you.

The city’s approach to its public health policies are a dial, not a switch, as we provide targeted mitigation in line with guidance from our public health partners. As guidance and conditions change, we will update our policies.

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Pet Licensing FAQ

The information on this page refers to common questions about the pet licensing process in North Liberty. To submit an online form for a pet or to apply for a dog park membership please visit this page.


This pet licensing process is for pets living within the city limits of North Liberty, Iowa only. If you do not live in North Liberty, check with your local governing entity to find out if you need to license your pet under their jurisdiction.

In North Liberty, per Code of Ordinances Chapter 56 “Cat and Dog Licenses,” all cats and dogs four months of age or older and living in North Liberty must be licensed. This should be done within 30 days after a cat or dog is first acquired or has moved to North Liberty.

If you need help making copies of documents required for licensing, then please bring originals into North Liberty City Hall. City staff will be happy to assist you.

Please fill out one form per pet.

Pet licenses run on a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) schedule and need to be renewed by January 31 each year.

Licensing your pet with the City of North Liberty provides a safeguard for you in the event your pet goes missing. City staff uses this information as a tool to connect found pets back to their owners. You will receive a metallic tag with your license number on it, which should be attached to the animal’s collar.

Cost Per Pet License

These prices are for both new and renewal applications

  • Spayed/Neutered          =  $2.00
  • Not Spayed/Neutered =  $25.00

Persons over 62 will have the license fee waived for one spayed/neutered pet. License fees are flat annual fees, are non-refundable, and will not be pro-rated.

Contact Information & Mailing Address

The pet licensing process is maintained by North Liberty Administrative staff, so call 319-626-5700, email [email protected], or visit City Hall (3 Quail Creek Circle) if you have any questions. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM –4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Staff will return your voicemail or email within three (3) business days.

Send mail to:

Pet Licensing
North Liberty City Hall
3 Quail Creek Circle
North Liberty, IA 52317

How To Complete The Pet Licensing Process

Step 1 (of 3): Submit Application (one per pet)

  • Fill out and submit the online electronic form. If the web form has been submitted correctly, you will receive an automated response email within one hour.
  • Print out the online PDF form. Mail or hand deliver completed form to City Hall.
  • Request a printed copy while visiting City Hall, or leave a message at 319-626-5700 or [email protected] to request that a printed copy be mailed to you.

Step 2 (of 3): Provide Necessary Documentation

  • Proof of spay/neuter only needs to be submitted once in the lifetime of a pet to receive the fee discount. Copies of this proof may be submitted at time of licensing for discount or at any time during the year (please include a note with pet license number) to City Hall staff. Annual license fee will not be refunded in the event a pet is spayed or neutered before the end of the year.
  • Proof of rabies vaccination needs to be submitted at time of licensing or at any time during the year (please include a note with pet license number) to City Hall staff. License will not be issued or renewed to pets with expired rabies vaccinations.
  • Microchip information is optional. It only needs to be submitted once in the lifetime of a pet, unless microchip profile information changes with a new owner or if chip is replaced (different company or has a new number).

All necessary documentation must be received no later than 30 days after application. If choosing to submit the online application, may attach electronic versions or mail/hand deliver photocopies to City Hall.

Step 3 (of 3): Make Payment

  • Check. Mail to City Hall, drop in City Hall drop box, or hand deliver to City Hall staff. Write “pet license” on the check’s info line.
  • Cash. Drop in City Hall drop box or hand deliver to City Hall staff. You will be issued a receipt. City staff is not responsible for cash lost in the mail, so we prefer drop box or hand delivery.
  • Credit Card. Call 319-626-5700 or visit City Hall to process.

Must be received:

  1. No later than 30 days after online application (if mailing a check, make sure to include a note, so staff knows which license application to associate with the check)
  2. At time of mail or hand delivered application. After all three steps have been completed to the satisfaction of City Administrative staff, a photocopy of the license application and a pet license tag will be mailed to the Pet Owner. Allow ten (10) business days for processing and delivery. Contact [email protected] or 319-626-5700 if there is a delay or issue with your licensing.
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