Paint a Storm Drain

Want to join the fun? Painted storm drains can add a splash of color to your neighborhood. We invite you to add more public art to our city by designing a storm drain of your own. Here’s how it works.

  1. Select a storm drain in your neighborhood or park. No arterial roads or drains in front of fire hydrants.
  2. Design your drain. A quick Google search will give you a ton of ideas. Be sure to measure the drain to help you plan. Since this program aims to bring attention to the role storm drains play in our water quality, designs must include an environmental element.
  3. Submit your proposed location and design through the form below. Stormwater Coordinator Mike Wolfe will reach out to you when he has signed off on your project. Mike will also set a date to come out and powerwash the drain for you before you start painting.
  4. Buy supplies. A list of recommended supplies will be provided to you when your project is approved. We’ll reimburse up to $150 per drain, which should cover the needs.
  5. Paint! Some tips for success will be included in the supply list you receive. For your safety, stay on the grass and sidewalk and off the road as you paint.
  6. Seal! This is so important to protect your design from the elements and keep it looking sharp until it’s time to be retouched or repaired for a new design.
  7. Email Mike a picture of your completed drain. We’ll add it to the gallery of drains and share it on social media so the community can pay it a visit. When you share a picture of your finished project, you may also submit any receipts for reimbursement.

Submit Your Design

  • Let us know how to reach you after we've reviewed your design.
  • Approximate street address, intersection, or park.
  • Since this program aims to bring attention to the role storm drains play in our water quality, designs must have an environmental or clean-water theme. Please upload a sketch of your design and a picture of the storm drain in its current, unpainted state.
    Max. file size: 300 MB.
  • Just you, a group of friends, neighbors, coworkers? Please list names below so we can credit all artists. Artists will be named on the city's website on social media with the picture of the drain, unless you state otherwise here.
  • City staff will powerwash the drain so you have a clean surface to work with. Let us know the approximate month/week you have in mind. Street paint dries fast so you should be able to complete it in one day.
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