Dog Park Incident Report Form

Call 911 in the event of a medical emergency or any incident involving blood or a bite.

Health care providers and law enforcement are responsible for animal bite reporting within Johnson County. Animal bites should be reported as soon as possible to the appropriate entity.

Please report:

  • Any failure to heed park rules;
  • Dogs displaying signs of a communicable disease;
  • If your own dog gets sick and used the Red Fern Dog Park before symptoms appeared and within the contagious period;
  • Abandoned animals located on property; and
  • Other concerns about park visitors or pets.

Any incident reports involving bites are automatically reviewed by city staff and/or law enforcement. Red Fern Dog Park pass of offending dog is temporarily suspended, pending outcome of a formal review and final determination.

Incident reports received about other violations or concerns will be documented, but only investigated in the event of potential illness exposure or upon discovery of repeat offenses. If further investigation is warranted, then city staff will contact the reporting parties and Administrative personnel will handle decision-making.

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