Commercial Building Permits

Required for commercial, industrial and multifamily building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and sewer and water service.

Download Commercial Building Application

Residential Building Permits

Required for residential construction. The following items must be submitted through the online permit request portal.

Apply for Residential Building Permit

Zoning/Land Use Approval from the Planning Department

Site plan approval must be acquired from the Planning Department prior to submitting a building permit application to the Building Department for a multi-family residential project. Single-family projects must comply with the current provisions of the North Liberty Zoning Code.

Construction Site Runoff Permit (when required)

City Code 155.02:

All persons required by law or administrative rule to obtain an NPDES General Permit #2 from the IDNR, and persons who will be conducting any earth-disturbing activity on a site less than one acre in size if the earthdisturbing activities are part of a larger common plan of development that would disturb one acre or more, are required to obtain a CSR permit.

Minimum size and scale requirements

Not less than 11 inches by 17 inches
Site and Civil Plans: Engineering scale. All other plan sheets: Architectural scale

Minimum number of plans for routing and review if electronic is not submitted

One full set of plans.

Required Basic Construction Plan Features if applicant to the proposed project

Cover Sheet including: Address of subject property; detailed description of work to be covered by the building permit; declared occupancy/use for which the proposed work is intended. Declaration of designer or licensed professional signed stamp if the scope of work requires a licensed design professional; declaration of state and local building codes and cycle to which the plans are compliant.

Site or Plot Plan including: Owner’s name, legal description, site address, zoning classification. All points of connection (i.e. sewer, electrical, gas, and water lines). Dimensioned building placement on the parcel, include roof overhangs (i.e. setbacks). North arrow and optionally a vicinity map. All easements, driveway locations, arrows indicating site drainage. Provide elevations of top of foundation walls, final grade at foundation walls, lowest and main floor elevations, top of curb elevations, property corner elevations, and storm sewer conveyance openings. Place two points on the side lot lines where front wall intersects the side lot lines and specify the distance from lot pins to the two points. Place the following statement “All property iron survey pins shall be exposed and flagged during the duration of the building process. Show flood zones or minimum low opening elevations.

Architectural Plans including: Floor plan: Use of each room labeled with its proposed use; dimensions, size/type of windows and doors, and ceiling height; Elevations: Full North, South, East and West views; Sections: Longitudinal and Transverse. Provide total square footage of finished, unfinished and garage areas. Structural Plans including: Foundation (with footing details), roof framing and ceiling framing (with ceiling joist and rafter sizes and spacing), floor framing (with joist size and spacing), braced wall/shear wall plans.

Electrical and Mechanical Layout Plan: Main electrical panels and service locations. Specific electric or gas appliances.

Iowa Energy Code 661-303 requires the energy compliance documents be integrated into your plans.

Fire Department Review (if required): Refer to the North Liberty Fire Department website.

Manufactured Home Permit

Required to install a manufactured home, prior to occupancy. The application fee is $100.

Download Manufacture Home Permit


Required for the construction of streets, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, storm water management facilities, water distribution systems and other utilities. The application fee is $25.

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Construction Site Runoff

Required for projects with earth-disturbing activities related to construction on one acre of land or more or sites less than one acre if the earth-disturbing activities are part of a larger common plan of development that would disturb one acre or more. The application fee is $150.

Download Construction Site Runoff Application

Temporary Special Event Sign

In order to expedite permitting for the signs, the city is implementing a web-based self-sign-up permit system for business owners at A PDF version of this page is available for download. Owners may simply enter information there for the desired sign(s) to self-permit. It is also a resource to track sign usage, and city staff will review the list to make sure all signs in use are on the list. If a business does not have access to the self-sign-up, they may contact Dean Wheatley, Planning Director, at (319) 626-5747 for assistance, or stop by City Hall. Citations will be issued to businesses placing signs that are not permitted. There is no fee.

Apply for Temporary Sign Permit

Fire Permits

The North Liberty Fire Department requires and issues permits for commercial fireworks displays, temporary tent and membrane structures, open burning situations and more. Applications can be found at the department’s website.

Fire Permit Applications

Other Permits

Special Events Guide and Application

Required, in general, temporary uses that are public, commercial in nature, require use of public property, include the consumption of alcohol, amplified music, signage, road closures or temporary structures. For additional details, including exceptions, see city ordinance Chapter 171.03. The completed paperwork should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the date of your event. An application fee of $50 is due at the time the application is submitted; if the application is submitted less than 30 days prior to the event date, the permit fee will increase to $100. The application fee may be waived for non-profit organizations at the discretion of the City Administrator. City staff will review the application and the City Administrator may approve the permit subject to conditions determined to be appropriate to the specific event.

If your event meets certain guidelines, you can request it be added to our community events calendar.

Rental Permit

Rental property in North Liberty must be inspected and licensed as of July 1, 2014.

Peddler Permit

Required for transient sellers. Fee depends on duration of permit.

Pet License

Required annually for all cats and dogs residing in North Liberty. Fee is $2 per spayed/neutered pet, $25 per unspayed/unneutered pet.

Urban Chickens

Required to keep chickens on residential property. Fee depends on duration of permit.

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