Public Infrastructure Projects

No one likes dealing with road construction, but our growing town needs it, and keeping up with changes can be hard. This is an overview of major public infrastructure projects. You can keep up to date on these projects and their impacts online, by signing up for emailliking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter. If you’re looking for our notices of invitations to bid or requests for proposals, you can find them here.

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Current Projects

The final steps towards building the magnetic gathering place Centennial Park has been envisioned as since it was founded in 2010. The completed project includes an indoor event space and stage, splash pad and play features, pavilion, additional shade and amenities.

Timing: Currently its design phase, the Centennial Center and stage would be complete by summer 2025, with other features coming online in the following years. Community support of the Building North Liberty’s Next Stage capital campaign will allow us to accelerate the project.

Cost: The full project is estimated at $16 million.

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A building to house city administration, planning, building, communications, legal and other other departments, replacing the current, temporary leased facility at Quail Creek Circle. The new building is planned for the city-owned civic campus area, currently containing the Police and Fire departments, along Cherry Street.

Timing: Work began October 2022 with completion expected in 2024.

Cost: The city council awarded this project on Sept. 13, 2022, to City Construction with a bid of $9,389,509.

Traffic impact: Minimal.

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Reconstruction and expansion of the park’s north parking lot to 252 stalls, the addition of a second entrance, increased and realigned trail connections for people on bikes and on foot and improve stormwater management.

Timing: Work will begin July 2023 with completion expected in 2024.

Cost: The city council awarded this project on June 13, 2023, to Midwest Concrete Inc. with a bid of $1,487,079.67. The engineer’s estimate was $1,604,900.

Impact: The lot will be closed. During parts of construction, traffic will be detoured along Hodge, Jefferson and Front streets. The park’s other amenities, including ball fields, tennis and pickleball courts, splashpad and playground, and shelters, will remain open. Parking is available on the the south side of the park, accessible from the intersection of Dubuque and Cherry streets.

Permanent traffic signals will be installed at Forevergreen Road’s intersections with Kansas Avenue and Jones Boulevard. The project will add crosswalks and pedestrian signals at both intersections, as well as left-turn lanes on Jones Boulevard.

Timing: Design is underway, with construction taking place in 2024 and completion expected in September 2024.

Cost: The total cost of the project is estimated at $1.7 million.

This project will complete extend and complete trail around the pond, add a playground area with an ADA ramp.

Timing: Work will begin in 2024 with most work completed by June. Seeding will happen in the fall.

Cost: This project will cost an estimated $300,000

Road Therapy Resources


Road conditions getting unruly? Contractor decided to unload a paving machine in the middle of rush hour? Call (hands-free, of course) to leave a report at (319) 626-5786.


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Fill your drive with local podcasts. 52317 offers interviews with local businesses about what they do and why they do it, while The North Liberty Library offers interesting conversations, introductions into new books and discussions of favorites. Both are available wherever you get your podcasts.

Speed Trailer

Sometimes folks driving on detours forget they’re driving through neighborhoods. You can request the North Liberty Police Department’s speed trailer.


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