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Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

The prize has been claimed, but the spot is marked if you’d like to continue your hunt for it.

Each Tuesday in November, we’ll release on this website a clue to find a hidden medallion located somewhere on public property in North Liberty. The first person to find the medallion and return it to the Recreation Department’s front desk will win the week’s prize. If the prize isn’t claimed by noon on Friday, we’ll release a second clue. Get the full details.

This week’s prize is a Holiday Meals package:

  • A holiday family meal for six people from Z’s Catering
  • A second holiday family meal pack to give to a family of your choice
  • $100 gift cards for North Liberty Recreation Department programming

The clue is:

8 Tiny & Up North

This event is part of the City Slate. The yearlong schedule of events is made possible by Adam Schechinger State Farm, Centro, Inc, The Eastern Iowa Airport – CID, GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, Hills Bank, MidWestOne Bank, Shive-Hattery, South Slope Cooperative, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Veridian Credit Union.

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Language Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors are available to assist non-English speaking North Liberty residents having trouble navigating city services or community resources. These bilingual volunteers are fellow residents open to your call or email for translation help and will respond at their earliest convenience.

Los embajadores de idiomas están disponibles para ayudar a los residentes de North Liberty que no hablan inglés y que tienen problemas para navegar los servicios de la ciudad o los recursos comunitarios. Estos voluntarios multilingües son compañeros residentes abiertos a su llamada o correo electrónico para ayudarle a traducir y responder lo más pronto que puedan.

Des ambassadeurs linguistiques sont disponibles pour aider les résidents non anglophones de North Liberty ayant des difficultés à s’orienter dans les services municipaux ou les ressources communautaires. Ces bénévoles multilingues sont des résidents qui sont prêts à répondre à votre appel ou à votre e-mail pour vous aider à traduire et le feront dans les meilleurs délais.

语言大使愿意为非英语语言的North Liberty住民提供便利熟识的城市服务设施,以及社区的各种信息资源。这些多语种志愿服务者都是当地的居民,他们将为你提供电话或电邮翻译服务,并尽快给予答复。


Angela Chaparro-Arias
(319) 400-5027
[email protected]

Manny Galvez
[email protected]

Epy Murillo Tovar
(319) 212-8107
[email protected]


Abdouramane Bila
(319) 929-5398
[email protected]

Mike Mbanza
(319) 338-5390
[email protected]


Yanfeng Tian
(319) 594-6895
[email protected]


Valera Petrulevich
(515) 999-0676
[email protected]


Lívia Woodcock
(319) 961-6030
[email protected]


Adela Hunter
(314) 712-8024
[email protected]

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