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Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

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Joint Meeting on January 13, 2020


Johnson County Board of Supervisors, Iowa City Community School District, City of Iowa City, City of Coralville, City of North Liberty, and other Johnson County municipalities and school districts

North Liberty City Council Chambers, 1 Quail Creek Circle
Reception 4:00 p.m.
Meeting 4:30 p.m.

  1. Call to order
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Discussion/update of the following:
    1. Update on the Johnson County Access Center (Johnson County)
    2. Discuss proposed 28E Agreement for the Johnson County Access Center (Johnson County)
    3. Johnson County Mobile Home Task Force Report (Iowa City)
    4. General entity updates
    5. Next meeting date and time
    6. Other
  4. Public comment
  5. Adjournment


Call to order

North Liberty Mayor Terry Donahue called the January 13, 2020 Joint Meeting of Johnson County entities to order at 4:30 p.m.


Coralville: Mayor John Lundell, Councilor Megan Foster.

Hills: Mayor Tim Kemp, Councilor Cathy Knebel.

Iowa City: Mayor Bruce Teague, Councilor Laura Bergus, Councilor Susan Mims, Councilor Janice Weiner, Councilor Pauline Taylor.

North Liberty: Mayor Terry Donahue, Councilor Brent Smith.

University Heights: Mayor Louise From.

Johnson County: Supervisor Rod Sullivan, Supervisor Lisa Green Douglass, Supervisor Janelle Rettig, Supervisor Royceann Porter.

Iowa City Community School District:  Board members Charlie Eastham, Lisa Williams, Janet Godwin.

Welcome and Introductions

The group introduced themselves.

Discussion/update of the following:

Update on the Johnson County Access Center (Johnson County)

Matt Miller, Johnson County Access Center, provided an update on the project.  The building is under construction, but has stopped for the winter. The draft 28E will be coming to the cities soon for consideration.  The name, branding and logo have been created. Johnson County will be considering the proposal, of Guide Link Center.  Staffing is being put together.  The elected officials discussed the presentation with Miller.

Discuss proposed 28E Agreement for the Johnson County Access Center (Johnson County)

Sullivan provided an update and reminded elected officials to keep it on the front burner. The group discussed the agenda item.

Johnson County Mobile Home Task Force Report (Iowa City)

Pauline Taylor summarized the report.  She gave thanks to the Mobile Home Task Force and to University of Iowa law students.  Sara Barron, Director of the Affordable Housing Coalition, offered additional information on the report and the issue.  Superintendent Steve Murley reported that approximately 1,700 ICCSD students live in mobile home parks.

General entity updates

Coralville Mayor Lundell invited all to attend community open houses on the progress of the arena construction.  The next meeting is Thursday, January 16 at the Vue at 4:30 p.m.  Iowa City Mayor Bruce Teague reported that Iowa City has created a Climate Action Commission. They have a 100-day report for Council.  He urged all to watch for this.  Iowa City Community School Board Member Janet Godwin reported that the ICCSD has collected emissions data. The plan will be reported tomorrow at board meeting and includes goals for now to 2030.  North Liberty Mayor Terry Donahue spoke regarding the Choirs for a Cause event.  Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan reported that the County is working the FY 21 budget.  North Liberty Mayor Terry Donahue reported that the Police Department building is on schedule with a move in date in April.  The St. Andrews Drive project will be bid this month.  The SW Growth Area will be going out for bid in the near future opening 500 acres for development.  North Liberty City Councilor Brent Smith offered information on the upcoming Beat the Bitter festivals.  Johnson County Supervisor Royceann Porter invited all to join the celebrations happening for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. week.

Next meeting date and time

The next Joint Meeting will be held on April 13 hosted by University Heights.


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