Parks and Recreation Commission on December 2, 2021


City Council Chambers, 1 Quail Creek Circle, North Liberty, Iowa

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  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Minutes
    1. October 7, 2021 with corrections
    2. November 4, 2021
  3. Reports
    1. Parks Report
    2. Recreation/Pool Report
    3. Questions, Concerns, Updates
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business
  6. Next Meeting
    1. Thursday, Jan. 7, 2022 at 7:00 pm.
  7. Adjourn


Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Amy Chen, Kevin Stibel, Richard Grugin, Gwen Johnson, Jeremy Parrish
Absent: Marcia Ziemer, Shannon Greene, Shelly Simpson
Other Present: Brian Motley, Tim Hamer
Board Meeting Date: December 2, 2021

1. Call to Order
a. Call to Order: Richard Grugin

2. Approval of Minutes
a. October 7, 2021 Minutes
i. Moved to Amend Minutes: Gwen Johnson
ii. Moved to Second: Kevin Stibel
b. November 4, 2021 Minutes:
i. Moved to Approve Minutes: Gwen Johnson
ii. Moved to Second: Kevin Stibel

3. Reports
a. Parks report
i. Pool Heater project
1. Heat exchanger now in North Liberty and installed
2. Needs to be tested and controlled
3. Start up on December 9, then open in a few days
ii. Ranshaw House
1. Rebuilt west entrance door to basement
2. Potential use for social services but TBD
iii. Snow equipment
1. Prepared and ready to go
iv. Trees
1. Maples and newly planted trees wrapped to prevent sun scald
2. Pruned trees, best time due to dormancy
v. Koser Park
1. Cleared overgrowth
vi. Community Garden
1. Put community garden site to bed for winter
vii. Centennial Park Loop Road
1. Close to completion for physical work
2. Seating won’t happen this fall
3. Will remain closed for the winter
4. Received a lot of complaints on south side due to vehicle traffic
5. May need to consider options about traffic restriction
viii. Forevergreen Road project (trail)
1. Final walkthrough tomorrow before approval
2. Seeded today
ix. Dubuque Street
1. Still working on the project
2. Asbestos review of buildings to be cleared; the pet clinic had asbestos, so a contractor
will come in mid-December
3. February 1, 2022 is when the demolition will start
x. FY22-23 Budget
1. Submitted, will learn what can be done after the meeting
2. Asked for additional employees (1-2 ideally) due to increased landscaping requirements
b. Pool / General Report
i. Same as monthly report provided in the agenda
ii. Continued need for officials
iii. Library gutter and gas line
1. Getting replaced; general building maintenance
c. Questions, Concerns, Updates
i. Deerfield and Penn Meadows Park rooves need to be repaired

4. New Business
a. None.

5. Old Business
a. None.

6. Next Meeting
a. January 8, 2022.

7. Adjourn
a. Motion to Adjourn: Jeremy Parrish
b. Second to Adjourn: Kevin Stibel



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