Broadmoor Estates Neighborhood

The Broadmoor Estates neighborhood is on the east side of town, accessed from Front St. It is home to approximately 275 households and is in the Iowa City Community School District. 9-acre Broadmoor Park/Pond provides open green space and an opportunity to fish.

Residents of Broadmoor Estates are invited to connect with their neighbors on Nextdoor.

Neighborhood Ambassadors

Neighborhood Ambassadors are residents who have volunteered to help navigate their neighbors’ questions and coordinate activities to connect residents of their neighborhood to each other and to the greater community. They are excited to hear from you. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Learn more and apply here.

Anna WuAnna Wu
160 Buckingham Pl
[email protected]

A skill I’d like to master

To be fluent in Mandarin.

What makes me laugh
Word banter. I’m a linguist at heart and love a good play on words. My favorite characters in books are the ones with witty comments such as Elizabeth Bennet, Wit/Hoid and Lopen.

My favorite books
I love high fantasy series, especially the Stormlight series by Brandon Sanderson

We’re seeking another volunteer for Broadmoor Estates Neighborhood.

If you’re interested, please reach out to Jillian Miller or apply here.

Jillian Miller, Community Engagement Coordinator
Jillian Miller
Community Engagement Coordinator
[email protected]
(319) 626-5757

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