Creekside Adjacent/Woodland Meadows Neighborhood

Creekside Adjacent/Woodland Meadows is located just east of Ranshaw Way. It is home to approximately 250 households and is in the Iowa City Community School District. Residents are within walking distance to businesses, restaurants, a grocery store and the North Liberty Recreation Trail.

Residents of Creekside Adjacent/Woodland Meadows are invited to connect with their neighbors on Nextdoor.

Neighborhood Ambassadors

Neighborhood Ambassadors are residents who have volunteered to help navigate their neighbors’ questions and coordinate activities to connect residents of their neighborhood to each other and to the greater community. They are excited to hear from you. Interested in becoming an ambassador? Learn more and apply here.

Travis HiattTravis Hiatt
1810 Jonathan St
[email protected]
(319) 560-4410

If I had to pick one local restaurant for the rest of my life it’d be
Rocky O’Briens. I just love their food and beverages that are a little different than the norm.

My go-to karaoke song
Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

My hobbies
Fantasy sports. It’s a way to stay connected with friends and enjoy different sports.

Alyssa Bowker Alyssa Bowker
1697 Burr Drive
[email protected]
(219) 921-3826

My favorite North Liberty business
Sugar Bottom Bikes! They were super helpful when I bought my bike, and are helpful anytime I need something.

What I could presentation on with no preparation
Anything relating to Disney, Disney World or the Boston Red Sox.

A skill I’d like to master
Rock climbing.

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