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Indoor pool closed

Indoor pool closed

Our indoor pool is, unfortunately closed until further notice. Last night, a motor failed and will need to be replaced. We hope to have a timeline for reopening later in the week of May 13.

City Hall Reopened at 360 N Main St.

City Hall Reopened at 360 N Main St.

City Hall has moved from its previous, leased offices into the new, permanent building at 360 N. Main St. at 7 a.m.

The public can accesses the same services at the new location during the same business hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Departments located at the building include Administration, Billing and Finance, Building Inspection, Planning, Community Relations and Human Resources.

A ribbon cutting and open house is planned for Tuesday, May 14, from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

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Library Board of Trustees on August 15, 2022


6:30 p.m. City Council Chambers, 1 Quail Creek Circle

  1. Call to Order
  2. Additions/Changes to the Agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes
    1. June
  4. Financial Update
    1. Personnel: 7 percent
    2. Personnel Services (non-position): 1 percent
    3. Repair, maintenance, utilities: 13 percent
    4. Contractual Services: 19 percent
    5. Commodities (materials and services): 4 percent
    6. Average this time of year: 8 percent
  5. Library Operations Update
    1. Will begin working with City Engineering Firm, Shive Hattery, on two capital improvement projects slated for FY23
      1. The design and installation for a new information/service desk, estimated at $105,000
      2. Addition of acoustical panels in the main hallway of the library, estimated at $37,000
    2. Met with United Action for Youth (UAY) staff to discuss a partnership on a grant proposal (Community Foundation of Johnson County submitted by Public Services Librarian, Kellee)
      1. Mural collaboration with a local muralist and teens from UAY
      2. Goal is to create a portable mural
  6. Professional Activities
    1. Assisted in facilitation of the Iowa Library Association Leadership Institute
      1. 26 participants attended the three-day workshop presented by consultant, Maureen Sullivan
      2. Held at Kirkwood Center
    2. RuralRISE Summit, Sept 28-30
      1. Community of organizations that aims to increase opportunities and prosperity for small and rural communities in the US
      2. Asked to attend as representative for the Association for Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL)
        1. ARSL will cover all travel costs
  7. Staff Reports
      1. Assistant Director
      1. Organized and participated in ILA Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) quarterly roundtable – topics included Discord and mentoring
      2. Guest speaker on “Good Morning ILA” zoom meeting to share information on the LLAMA Llama Gathering during ILA Conference (Llama visit at North Liberty Library)
      3. Trainings: Human Trafficking Awareness; Niche Academy Lunch & Learn – “You Make the Difference”; BiblioBoard Creator
    1. Adult Services
      1. Intergenerational programming is going particularly well – Pokémon Terrarium, Petri Dish Art, Cat Café and Pups and Pies. These programs are combined efforts to get adults and youth to be mutually engaged with an activity that is interesting and fun. It also gives parents the opportunity to have an event to attend and actively participate with their children who are older – upper elementary/middle grade/teen, etc. Though most of them are still drawing less (childless adults) than I’d originally hoped.
      2. Integration in Motion is restarting this month – Aug 18
      3. We are trying to draw in more adults this fall with a new movie series – Wild West Wednesday (1pm)
      4. Summer Reading Program – adult completions = 50
    2. Public Services
    3. Submitted grant proposal to the Community Foundation of Johnson County
    4. Released new Love, Light, & Lit: The Podcast episode
    5. Spoke at Chamber ribbon cutting for LaMere family travel here in North Liberty
    6. Hosted July BYObook Club meeting
    7. Held monthly PT staff meeting
    8. Reviewed applicants for open Library Assistant position
    9. Family Services
      1. Storytime
        1. Outdoor & Saturday storytimes going well
        2. Added 2 outreach sessions
        3. Swim storytime, in partnership with free swim event, 1 a month for June, July & August
          1. June & July had over 100 ppl attend to swim and hear stories!
        4. Americorps Green Iowa sustainable schools, Tippi Toes & Iowa GymNest all came and did special storytimes
        5. Planning more specials storytimes in the fall
        6. Planning
      2. Additional Programming
        1. Family Place, corner stone program, Playful Parenting Group, planned to start in November
          1. 5-week session
          2. Offered at 2 different times (morning & evening)
          3. 5 resource professionals (Early Literacy, Nutrition, Music and Movement, Child Development, Speech and Language) all secured from community partners
    1. Committees
      1. ILA Intellectual Freedom Committee
      2. Presenting at ILA in Oct on how to deal with book challenges
      3. Early Childhood Iowa/Johnson County Empowerment
      4. Elected as treasurer
    2. Finished ASL in storytime class through ALA
      1. Have added ASL to welcome/goodbye songs, and storytimes on color and animals
    3. Youth & Teen Services
      1. As of July 2022, the youth collection is 33.8% diverse and the books added this past month are 52.8% diverse
      2. June SRP numbers
        1. Super Tues: 252 (average of 63 per week)
        2. Twendom: 50 (average of 12 per week)
        3. Teens: 21 (average of 5 per week)
        4. Montessori: 84 (average of 28 per week)
        5. Recsters: 120 (average of 40 per week)
        6. Frog Hollow: 26
        7. JOI Club: 8 & 11
        8. Question of the Week: 112 (average of 28 per week)
        9. Snack: 249 (average of 62 snacks per week)
        10. Babaloo: 36
        11. Martika: 103
        12. June Totals: 1,07July SRP numbers
      3. July SRP numbers
        1. Super Tues: 161 (average of 40 per week)
        2. Tweendom: 44 (average of 11 per week)
        3. Teens: 38 (average of 9 per week)
        4. Montessori: 100 (average of 25 per week)
        5. Recsters: 159 (average of 42 per week)
        6. Frog Hollow: 242 (2 classes, average of about 30 per class)
        7. JOI Club: 10
        8. Question of the Week: 125 (average of 31 per week)
        9. Snack: 204 (average of 51 snacks per week)
        10. Pokémon Terrariums (Youth & Adults): 62
        11. Cat Café (Youth & Adults): 250
        12. Pups & Pie (Youth & Adults): 156
        13. Webb Space (Youth & Adults): 6
        14. Tween Lock-in: 34
        15. Teen Pool Party: 33
        16. July Totals: 1,624 attendees to 66 programs
      4. IT Coordinator
        1. iPads switched to new wireless network to allow for better updates and maintenance
        2. “The Annex” internal information posting site for staff now rebuilt into City SharePoint site
        3. Remote Desktop enabled for full time staff to access their individual workstations from the front desk
      5. Collection Development
        1. Total circulations for FY 21/22 compared to last year and to FY 19/20, which is the last year that makes sense to compare. Numbers are up considerably from last year and doing well compared to our last non-pandemic year.  DVDs and Audiobooks remain lower than three years ago but are doing much better than last year.
  8. New Business
  9. Adjourn



Information Packet July Monthly Analysis
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