Board of Appeals minutes for May 12, 2010

Board of Appeals
May 12, 2010
Regular Session

At 4:30 p.m., Chairperson Lee called the Regular Session of the North Liberty Board of Appeals to order.

Members present: Lee, Hajek, Kazmierczak and Bails. Colony absent

Others present: Bryan Hardin, Assistance Fire Chief and Tom Palmer, Building Official.

Chairperson opened the hearing to review the building and fire code ordinances.

Hajek moved, Bails seconded, to recommend amending Section R313.1 of the 2009 IRC by deleting the sentence and inserting the following sentence, an automatic residential fire sprinkler system shall be installed in townhouses with five or more units. Motion passed unanimously.

Hajek moved, Bails seconded, to recommend deleting the entire Section R313.2 of the 2009 IRC requiring fire sprinkler system installed in one- and two-family dwelling units. Motion passed unanimously.

Bails moved, Hajek seconded, to recommend Council adopt Chapter 15.01 North Liberty Building Code with the fire sprinkler amendment and the North Liberty Fire Code Ordinance. Motion passed unanimously.

Hajek moved, Kazmierczak seconded, to approve the minutes of February 10th, 2010 meeting. Motion passed unanimously