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Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

Golden Turkey Hunt Clue for Nov. 29

The prize has been claimed, but the spot is marked if you’d like to continue your hunt for it.

Each Tuesday in November, we’ll release on this website a clue to find a hidden medallion located somewhere on public property in North Liberty. The first person to find the medallion and return it to the Recreation Department’s front desk will win the week’s prize. If the prize isn’t claimed by noon on Friday, we’ll release a second clue. Get the full details.

This week’s prize is a Holiday Meals package:

  • A holiday family meal for six people from Z’s Catering
  • A second holiday family meal pack to give to a family of your choice
  • $100 gift cards for North Liberty Recreation Department programming

The clue is:

8 Tiny & Up North

This event is part of the City Slate. The yearlong schedule of events is made possible by Adam Schechinger State Farm, Centro, Inc, The Eastern Iowa Airport – CID, GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, Hills Bank, MidWestOne Bank, Shive-Hattery, South Slope Cooperative, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Veridian Credit Union.

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North Liberty Offers Housing Rehabilitation Program

Update: the deadline to apply has been extended to July 22, 2021

Qualifying North Liberty homeowners are encouraged to apply for grants of up to $25,000 towards specific home projects, including those that remove barriers to remaining in your home and exterior improvements. The deadline to apply is July 6 July 22, 2021.

This program, in partnership with the East Central Iowa Council of Governments, intends to apply for funding that will assist up to six homeowners make exterior improvements to their homes and up to another six elderly or severely disabled homeowners or their family members to remove barriers that would allow them to remain living in their homes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Culver at (319) 289-0061 or email [email protected].

Who Can Apply?

If you live within the city limits of North Liberty and your home is affixed to a permanent foundation and taxed as real estate, own or purchasing your home, reside in it as your principal residence and meet the income requirements listed below, please apply. Applications will be processed on a first-received, first-qualified basis for each activity.

Household Size1 person2 person3 person4 person
Eligible Income* (Maximum)$55,850$63,800$71,800$79,850

Eligibility is based on annualization of applicant’s income at the time of application & anticipated in the coming year.

How Does the Grant Work?

The grant will be in the form of a 5-year forgivable loan for an amount up to $25,000. The forgivable loan that recedes at a rate of 20 percent per year. As long as you live in your home for five years after the award, you will not have to pay anything.

What Can I Do With This Grant?

The grant will be in the form of a 5-year forgivable loan for an amount up to $25,000 for most types of improvements. Some examples of eligible exterior improvement projects include installation of siding, roof, fascia, soffit, gutters and exterior doors. Some examples of barrier removals or installation of items to remain in the home include installation of ramps, no-step entrances, widening exterior or interior hallways or doors, and bathroom and kitchen modifications.

How Do I Apply?

Interested candidates can download and print an application from the City’s website, pick one up at City Hall or the North Liberty Library, or call the East Central Iowa Council of Governments at (319) 289-0061 to request one. Applications will be processed on a first-received, first-qualified basis, but must be recieved by July 6, 2021.

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