North Liberty Television

North Liberty Television (NLTV)

NLTV is the premier source for local information and event coverage. Live public meeting coverage is available online, on cable channel 5 (118-3 for digital-ready) for Mediacom subscribers and channel 268 for South Slope viewers in North Liberty. Locally produced programming is available on-demand through Vimeo. NLTV is a PEG channel, meaning there is programming from Public, Education and Government sources. Any member of the public can submit a video (meeting certain technical requirements) to play on NLTV. Government programming includes City Council and other public meetings as well as informational videos about City services, events and development. NLTV staff cover many local events and provide regular video updates from City departments. All NLTV productions can be seen on the channel, and are available for checkout at the North Liberty Community Library on DVD.

Mediacom Channel Lineup South Slope Channel Lineup

Download Forms
Program Provider Agreement for content providers
Community Programming Request to request video coverage of a community event

North Liberty’s Official Website

The City of North Liberty’s website gives residents the chance to contact city officials, find public meeting agendas and minutes, and learn essential community information. You can also watch the channel online – including all our live meeting coverage. North Liberty’s website is also a great way to give feedback to city staff and elected officials.

Contribute to NLTV

There are a number of ways you can give to NLTV. Call (319) 626-5726 or email to discuss any of these.


Volunteer with us and produce video programming for the channel. You can shoot, edit or serve as on-camera talent. Help with community event coverage (e.g. sport leagues), public meeting coverage (e.g. Planning and Zoning), or tell us your ideas. We’re open-minded people over here!


NLTV is a PEG channel – meaning we represent three sectors of the community: Public, Educational and Government. The “P” is where you come in: NLTV accepts video programming produced by members of the public and by community organizations. Some examples of public programming you can see on NLTV are local talk shows, church services and narrative fiction.

Videos can be submitted on DVD. In order for your show to play on NLTV, you must read our Policy and Procedure Guidelines (PDF). Then download, print, fill out and sign our Program Provider Agreement (PDF) and submit it with your video.

If a non- or not-for-profit organization has an event that it would like video coverage of, and would be of community benefit, a organization representative can complete a Community Programming Request form (PDF) and submit it by mail or e-mail at least two weeks prior to the event for consideration.


While primarily supported by cable TV subscriber franchise fees, NLTV is willing to accept donations to assist with operational and capital costs. If you would like to donate to a particular programming area for NLTV, please contact us to discuss your wishes. Payment should be made out to the City of North Liberty.

All submissions, video, monetary or otherwise, can be mailed to:

PO Box 77
520 W. Cherry Street
North Liberty, IA 52317

Bulletin Board

In between video programs, NLTV displays our Bulletin Board. Any non-profit or not-for-profit group or individual can submit event details or brief information of general public interest for the Bulletin Board.

The NLTV Bulletin Board is a video slideshow of community announcements that plays on the access channel between video programming. The Bulletin Board can be seen on NLTV (cable channel 5 in North Liberty) approximately 6-8 hours per day.

The NLTV Bulletin Board is available for use by non-profit and not-for-profit groups and individuals to convey non-commercial messages. Examples of appropriate use include announcements of a chili supper, bake sale or fundraising auction; notice of lost or found pet or valuable item (please include photo if possible); meeting dates and agendas for your group or club; descriptions of services offered by non-profits.

Please write a brief description of your event or announcement. Include any photographs or graphics you would like to appear on the slide. Bulletin Board messages are posted on NLTV within two business days of receipt. Timely information can be submitted for posting up to 40 days in advance. NLTV also posts Bulletin Board event announcements on the community events calendar.

Contact us or submit information to NLTV any of the following ways

1.E-mail NLTV at

2.Mail to: NLTV, PO Box 77, North Liberty, IA 52317.

3.Phone: (319) 626-5726. *Please note phone messages must be brief.

4.Fax: (319) 626-5733, ATTN: NLTV

5.In person: drop off your information to the Community Center: 520 W. Cherry St.