Police Report for September 2018

Traffic Contacts: 415
Parking Contacts: 29
Vehicle Inspections: 31
Vehicle Unlocks: 32
Crash Investigations: 23
Public Assists: 287
Assist Other Agency: 101
Crimes Against Persons Report: 9
Crimes Against Property Report: 11
Other Reports: 44
Arrests: 37
Warrants: 4
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 22
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 2
Crimes Against Property Charges: 2
Other Charges: 27
Animal Calls: 50
Total Calls for Service: 1,948
*Total Calls for Service for the year: 18,334



  • Officers attended SERT and Dive team training this month (24 hours)
  • Canine handler and the dog attended 8 hours of training at Canine Tactical (8 hours)
  • Three officers attended 8 hours of training in Clive, Iowa called Survive and Thrive about assaults on officers and survival stories (24 hours)
  • All officers attended the bi-annual firearms training (168 hours)
  • Two supervisors attended Management Rights course at Ankeny Police Department. (16 hours)
  • The Records Clerk/Evidence Custodian attended training in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Managing the Property and Evidence Room (16 hours)
  • Chief attended training with Iowa C.O.P.S which is the Iowa non-profit chapter that helps officers’ families’ deal with the aftermath of a line of duty death or active duty death. (1.5 hours)
  • An officer attended a Taser Instructor Course ( 8 hours)


Public Relations:

  • Officers were invited to block parties for National Night Out. 3 separate events were attended.
  • Officers worked the Iowa Football games. The department was reimbursed by the University for their time.
  • The NL Doggie Plunge/ Rec Center donated $1361.50 to the department for our canine program. We appreciate the support.
  • Officers attended the Circus at NL Library.
  • Officer Tygart gave a public safety talk at North Central Junior High School for several different classes.
  • We conducted a public safety talk for 10 preschoolers at a local daycare.
  • Officer Tygart read at Story Time with a Penn Elementary Kindergarten class.
  • Office Tygart attended a teen leadership workshop on the topic of Overcoming Difficulties for students at North Central Junior High.
  • The LT set up a time lapse camera at Liberty HS to see how the stands fill and empty for their football games. This camera will be used for the PD construction and we partnered with Liberty High to test it out. The video can be found on the City’s Website.
  • Officers assisted and worked overtime for the Liberty HS Homecoming parade. We were reimbursed by the school.


  • Helmet inserts for our ballistic helmets were acquired.
  • Several worn uniform shirts and pants were replaced.
  • Purchased a Time Lapse Pole camera. This is being used at Liberty HS, temporarily but will be used to show the progress on the PD construction.


  • Theft calls for unlocked and unsecured vehicles/garages were up again this month.
  • Officers continue to work the detour areas and construction zones to slow traffic down.

Department Admin:

  • Work continues on the PD design with Architects. Working on final design plans and taking up a lot of the Chief’s time.
  • Work began on the massage therapy ordinance. The investigator made contact with several therapists about the ordinance and their recommendations.
  • Chief attended a meeting with Juvenile Court Services on disorderly conduct charges and pre-arrest diversion programs with a national auditor. Locally, JCS is looking to expand the program for simple misdemeanor charges for first time offenses.
  • Sergeant Adam Olson is no longer employed with the City of North Liberty.
  • Chief was on KXIC for the Our Town segment morning show. Discussed the new PD design, hiring and the Liberty High parade route and detours.
  • Supervisor meeting was conducted.
  • Getting ready for January changes, the Drug Task Force specialty position was opened. Officers had to complete an application packet, write an essay, provide a complex drug related investigation, have 3 external references, and take part in interviews.  The panel consisted of NL supervisors and the State Drug and Narcotic Enforcement officers.   A new member was selected and we will make the change in January when all of the other patrol shifts are put out for bid.  This will be a three year commitment on the officer’s part. We expect a MOU will be signed during union negotiations for this specialty position.
  • This department and several stakeholders in the city completed a survey about the police department, expectations, recruitment and services. This was conducted through the ICMA.  NL had a great response from the survey participants and some recommendations for police recruitment, training and community engagement can be found in the document.  https://icma.org/documents/model-police-officer-recruitment-training-and-community-engagement.
  • Started the process for sergeant promotions and selection of a new officer. The application packet is posted on the city website and we contacted local colleges, city channels, and on line publications to recruit as many as possible.
  • Started the process for the FY 20 budget planning for the PD.
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