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When’s the Community Center Reopening?

When’s the Community Center Reopening?

For now, the Community Center continues to host our childcare program for school-age kids and, starting June 1, will host more kids for our summer camp. These are essential programs to help our community’s working families, and we plan to keep the building closed to the public at first to allow us to spread kids and caregivers out throughout the facility.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information and Resources

A variety of resources and information about COVID-19 is available at

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Police Report for June 2019

Traffic Contacts: 413
Parking Contacts: 27
Vehicle Inspections: 25
Vehicle Unlocks: 29
Crash Investigations: 31
Public Assists: 404
Assist Other Agency: 129
Crimes Against Persons Report: 13
Crimes Against Property Report: 23
Other Reports: 40
Arrests: 48
Warrants: 8
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 21
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 12
Crimes Against Property Charges: 9
Other Charges: 21
Animal Calls: 62
Total Calls for Service: 2,339
Total Calls for Service for the year: 13,719


  • Bomb squad, dive team, and SERT training was attended by members this month (48 hours)
  • Chief attended the Big 10 Directors and Chief’s conference in Iowa City. (16 hours)
  • 2 members went to training for our police records management software in Cedar Rapids.
  • Completed FTO program for new officer Ames Helzer. He is now on solo patrol.
  • Recruit Minick is still at ILEA and will graduate in August.
  • 2 members attended Honor Guard training with the area Metro team (16 hours)
  • Officer Miller completed the 6 weeks Bomb Squad training in Alabama that was required by the Federal Government to be an official member of the Metro Bomb Team (240 hours)
  • 2 firearms instructors completed recertification at ILEA (24 hours)
  • A Sergeant attended the FBI Leadership Development training course at ILEA. (40 hours)
  • Chief attended the Iowa Law Update and provided the documents and PowerPoint presentations for changes in the laws to staff for July 1st.

Public Relations:

  • Officer worked the Optimist and NL Rec Center Bike Rodeo and slow roll through town.
  • We have a Solon HS Student participating in the Workforce Development internship with NLPD. This will be 60 hours of unpaid summer internship.
  • An officer was on school grounds for the final day of school at CCA elementary school to remind kids of summer safety tips.
  • Investigator completed one child safety seat inspection.
  • Assisted the ICCSD and the CCA school districts on reviewing of their safety planning.
  • Attended a policy decision making meeting concerning the law enforcement drop off and use of the future access center.


  • We purchased two new headsets for officers that are on the tactical team.
  • We are in the process of ordering three new computers for the office. They will be replacing machines that are 7 to 9 years old.


  • Officers spent time enforcing traffic and speeding complaints in the residential detour areas.
  • We have had several requests from community members and contractors to place the speed trailer in areas of concerns.
  • Investigator has been very busy working on reports of unrelated sexual assaults and following up with victims, witnesses and the suspects.

Department Admin:

  • Ames Helzer completed his field training this month and is assigned to patrol.
  • Worked with ICCSD on a COPS grant for a risk assessment model for their buildings, reviewed their operations plan for mitigating all kinds of risks.
  • Our Honor guard member assisted with flag presentation for the Metro team at the Chief’s Conference in Iowa City.
  • One officer was gone on his two week AT military leave.
  • Meeting with contractor for the PD construction. An old oil tank was found on the site and had to be removed. They also ran across a well and are deciding how to best proceed. They are putting the footings in for the building (in all areas except where the well is at). We are also seeing vertical steel beams at the site.
  • Assisted in updating the animal code section. Also worked on several reviews and drafts of a new ordinance for permitting massage businesses.
  • Updated the policy prohibiting the use of CBD and drafting a policy for training time, travel and reimbursements.
  • Officer Campbell, Officer Sexton, and Sgt Seymour, received the Life Savings Award commendations for a successful CPR event which resulted in the patient recovering from a heart attack. The family and the City thanked the officers for their service, actions and timely response.
  • Investigator Travis Clubb received the Law Enforcement trophy for his time and completing the Run CRANDIC marathon.


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