Front Street to Reopen Between Penn and Centro Way

North Liberty’s newest roundabouts, located at Front Street’s intersections with Penn Street and Centro Way (formerly North Bend Drive), are expected to open on the evening of Monday, Aug. 19, 2019.

While the sidewalks and roadways are open to traffic, crews are still completing additional work, such as masonry and landscaping, in the splitter islands and behind the curb in the area. Additionally, crews are still completing sight-line improvements  improvements along Penn Street, which will require occasional closures. Once these sightline improvements are complete, the temporary four-way stop at the intersection will be removed.

Why roundabouts? They are safer and more efficient than traffic lights or four-way stops. Navigating them is really simple: yield to traffic from your left when you’re entering. (We know, we know.  You understand you know how to use them, but other drivers don’t.)


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