On-Demand Course Available to Build Capacity for Social Justice

The North Liberty Library is partnering with Captivate, a local business owned and operated by Black women, to offer the online, on-demand course “Walking on Eggshells, Stepping on Toes,” as we work to build community capacity for issues of social justice, to North Liberty residents. The course works to introduce allyship, review the stages of ally development, and increase self-awareness for potential allies.

The course is geared towards white folks who want to help make their communities more equitable, but don’t know where to start, who have questions surrounding race but don’t want to be offensive, and who feel they can’t seem to say the correct thing.

Space in the library-sponsored course, which is identical to the course available for purchase through Captivate, is limited. Interested residents should register online. Registration is free, however, during registration, participants will be asked to commit to having an uncomfortable conversation with someone after completion of the course.


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