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Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

Fall leaf collection runs Oct. 11 to Nov. 19

Fall leaf collection is scheduled to start Monday, Oct. 11, 2021 and run through Friday, Nov. 19. Leaves will be picked up curbside if at the curb by 7 a.m. that Friday.

To have your leaves collected, rake them within two feet of the public street by 7 a.m. on each Monday. Crews will collect them by Friday, though collection can be delayed at the season’s peak.

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Police Reports for January 2021

Traffic Contacts: 56
Parking Contacts: 118
Vehicle Inspections: 0
Vehicle Unlocks: 25
Crash Investigations: 22
Public Assists: 300
Assist other Agency: 106
Crimes Against Persons Report: 8
Crimes Against Property Report: 25
Other Reports: 17
Arrests: 21
Warrants: 4
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges: 14
Crimes Against Persons Charges: 9
Crimes Against Property Charges: 2
Other Charges: 11
Animal Calls: 34
Total Calls for Service: 1,511
* Total Calls for Service for the year: 1,511

• Members attended monthly training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, and dive team. (56 hours)
• Two members attended quarterly Honor Guard training (16 hours)
• Several Staff members attended a zoom training session for city employees on diversity, more specifically LGBTQ populations (10 hours).
• All Officers were assigned mandatory online training for Bloodborne Pathogens Safety and Hazardous Communications through Target Solutions (31 hours).
• The new investigator attended online training for investigating property crimes. Examples of these crimes are credit card fraud and skimming of card information at gas pumps or from electronic devices. (4 hours)
• The administrative assistant attended an online UCR training. (3 hours)
• Officer Monroe continues with her field training program and is about halfway through.

Public Relations:
• Officer Davis was a guest reader for a Van Allen 1st grade class and selected a book about Martin Luther King Jr.
• Officers working stopped in the park for Beat the Bitter festivities.
• Officers verbally warned several residents about on street parking, pushing or blowing snow back into the street. They also helped out by shoveling.
• Thank you to The Dorsts for bringing in donuts for the officers. They were very much appreciated!
• A big thank you to Lori Moore for brining in some toys she had purchased for various agencies. The police department can be scary for children, and the toys will help them feel a little more at ease.

• We had the larger windows tinted on the South and West side for better temperature control.
• Researching a forensic video audit, review, and viewing system and certifying two officers for evidence and court testimony purposes.
• Ordered a lockable cabinet and shelf from Iowa Prison Industries for the admin assistant’s office and for the front vestibule. The cabinet is to hold a shovel and ice melt, as well as the key and crank for the flagpole.

• A vehicle was stolen from Elm Ridge Court and recovered a couple of days later on N Madison Street. The keys were left with the vehicle.
• We had multiple vehicle burglaries in the area of Watercress and Cattail of unlocked vehicles.
• A subject was apprehended and charged with intoxication and criminal mischief after breaking into the Fire Department. The City’s release was posted on the website.
• An intoxicated individual was taken to the Guidelink Center in Iowa City.
• We assisted outside agencies in locating an individual and executing a search warrant in North Liberty.
• We have had several domestic, family and civil disputes this month.
• Several vehicles/owners were located and warned prior to towing of the vehicles after a heavy snow storm. During the month we had over 100 snow emergency tickets issued.

Department Admin:
• Officer Bryan Davis started as the property crimes investigator.
• We continue to work with Tricon on getting the remaining items installed at the PD. We have been told that the exterior awnings and ladder are ordered and we can expect them around March 21st. The building site work will have to happen in the spring.
• We applied, and received, a training grant for the ABLE project through Georgetown University. This is a week-long course that would give NLPD an instructor in duty to intercede related issues.
• Working on the year end power point.
• Completed all 2020 evaluations of all employees.
• Held and attended several administrative meetings for supervisors, drug task force, and chief’s meeting.
• We have an unpaid intern start from Mount Mercy College for 120 hours for college credit towards her Criminal Justice Degree.

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