North Liberty Police Monthly Report May 2021


Traffic Contacts 325
Parking Contacts 24
Vehicle Inspections 27
Vehicle Unlocks 28
Crash Investigations 26
Public Assists 313
Assist other Agency 134
 Crimes Against Persons Report 8
 Crimes Against Property Report 6
 Other Reports 34
 Arrests 27
Warrants 1
Alcohol/Narcotics Charges 19
Crimes Against Persons Charges 6
Crimes Against Property Charges 0
Other Charges 14
Animal Calls 62
Total Calls for Service 1858
*Total Calls for Service for the year 8350


  • Members attended monthly training for canine, bomb squad, tactical team, and dive team. (56 hours)
  • All members attended bi-annual range and defensive tactics training (276 hours).
  • Prior to our range training, all members completed online training and policy review on our Use of Force and Firearms policies prior to our annual training at the range. (20 hours)
  • Our drug task force member attended a week-long meth lab school at Camp Dodge (40 hours).
  • One Sergeant completed the online training to get recertified as a vehicle theft examiner (3 hours)
  • 3 officers attended the Critical Incident Training (CIT) for Johnson County first responders at Grace Community Church. (120 hours).
  • Command staff members (4) attended the annual Iowa Police Chief’s Conference that was hosted at the Coralville Marriott. (80 hours).

Public Relations:

  • Officers worked extra duty for Liberty’s and Solon’s High School Prom. These assignments were requested and paid for by the schools.
  • Officers stopped by the Mega Kite event at Centennial Park to meet with families and hand out stickers.
  • Chief and officers did community policing at Penn Meadows Park for a ball tournament the first weekend in May at the request of NL Optimists.
  • Bike officers went riding with the BIC (Bicycles of Iowa City) Leisure Rides that was set-up through the Recreation Center and plan to do this the rest of the summer for these events.
  • We allowed the DNR to host their training event, in our multipurpose training room for all of their summer conservation officers.
  • Investigator Davis hosted a “Protecting your Finances and Don’t be a Victim of a Scam” events at the North Liberty Living Center and then on Zoom for the North Liberty Senior Connection Friday Lunches.
  • During National Police week, we received several thank you from local business, entities, and the public. Thank you to everyone for your kindness.
  • We were notified Safe Wise released their annual report for 2021 (based on 2019 Uniform Crime Data) and the City of North Liberty ranked #19 of the safest cities in Iowa. For more information please visit:
  • The department conducted the second tobacco compliance check of the areas businesses who did not pass the first time around. All five business passed the second tobacco compliance check and did not sell tobacco or nicotine products to the minor.
  • An officer received a report of five ducklings trapped in a storm drain. He borrowed equipment from the FD and conducted a successful rescue.



  • We are researching uniform appearance load bearing vest. There has been some medical research that by removing equipment off of the officer’s belt and up onto their chest, it can reduce back fatigue. Sgt. Shine is testing one that we could get our hands on through Bluestone. Other vendors are reporting a backlog on this equipment since several departments are making request. These carriers are also custom fit so it does not void the 5-year warranty on the ballistic vest.
  • We are researching a drone partnership program with EMA and NLFD for something that can be housed at our PD and we would only use in public safety threats. We have two trained pilots under the EMA training, licensing and policy.
  • We purchased DNA and Child ID kits that will be used for an upcoming PR event.
  • We purchased a bag/throw phone that can be used by our negotiator team in crisis situations. This one will be compatible with what the county tactical team, but will be housed in NL with our negotiators.


  •  We continue to see an increase in reported runaways in town. All have been located but the one from earlier this year, that mother reported she believes the 17-year-old is in Chicago.
  • Animals calls this month also are reported to be the highest yet this year.

Department Admin:

  • Intern Brody Lodge with the USAF continued his internship with the department.
  • Justin Jacobi returned from his year log military deployment and started back with the department. He will go to the next ILEA police academy that starts in August.
  • We updated several policies that include firearms, spit hood applications, personal appearances including beard and tattoos, and the use of our facilities.
  • The LT attended the operational Guidelink Center Zoom meetings.
  • The Chief has attended several meetings representing NL Police for Pulse Point, Guide Link Center, HVAC operations with the manufacture for the new PD, Kirkwood Criminal Justice Advisory Board, and Iowa Police Chief’s Executive Board Meeting and the Line of Duty Death Response Team this month.











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