Public Safety Notice: Pets Declared as Dangerous Dogs

Red and Blues, two female pit bulls, contained in a metal kennel. The dogs have been declared dangerous. Update June 7, 2022: It has been reported by the owner that the dogs have been removed.

After an appeal hearing, a decisions was rendered on April 15, 2022, that Redd and Blue, two female pit bulls, approximately 2 years of age, have been declared as dangerous dogs under the North Liberty City Code § 57.01(5) definition a “dangerous dog” in part, as one which “Without provocation, bites or attacks a person or domestic pet causing serious injury, whether on public or private property.” A “serious injury” is defined as “any physical injury to a human or domestic animal by a dog that results in a bone fracture, muscle tear, disfiguring laceration or laceration which requires multiples sutures, corrective surgery, cosmetic surgery, or death.”

The dogs currently reside with owners:

Delmore Blakeney Sr. & Holly Ohlinger
275 Heritage Drive
North Liberty, IA 52317

The police department is working with the owners to meet the City Code requirements, if the owners decided to keep these dogs in the city.  Please be cautious when interacting or dealing with these dogs.

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