City Appoints Neighborhood Ambassadors

The City of North Liberty enthusiastically welcomes 41 residents to the Neighborhood Ambassador program. They are the first volunteers selected for the new program and will be key players in the city’s Great Neighborhoods Initiative.

These on-the-ground local leaders, listed below, are passionate about advancing the quality of life for their neighbors. Their duties–which officially begin in January 2021–include partnering with the city to help close the information gap between the city and residents, building community through group activities and projects, and connecting neighbors to each other and to community resources. More information about how residents can connect with their ambassadors will be available in January.

Ambassadors were selected from applications submitted in September and October. The Communications Advisory Commission and city communications staff found the selected ambassadors to be responsive and community minded, that they value diversity and want everyone in North Liberty to feel welcome, and recognize the importance of information equity. There were more qualified applicants than spots available, as the number of ambassadors in each neighborhood is relative to the number of households in a given neighborhood, with the goal to achieve balanced resident engagement across the city.

A few vacancies are included in the roster below. If you live in one of these areas and are interested in serving your neighbors, learn more and apply here.

North Liberty Neighborhood Map

1. Aspen Ridge/Liberty Farms
Adela Hunter
2. Fox Run
Jamie Bagan
3. Deerfield
Allison Hancock
Beke Dube
4. 8 Point Trail
Livia Woodcock
5. Progress St/Jones Blvd
Amanda Herbst
6. Goose Lake
Vacant - Apply Here
7. Chesterfield Commons
Payton Cannon
8. Kansas Ave
Jannette Stephens
9. West Lake North
Matt Jorgenson
Abdouramane Bila
10. West Lake South
Bill Green
11. Harvest Preserve
Vacant - Apply Here
12. Harvest Estates
Mike Mbanza, Esq.
13. Quail Creek
Eva Anderson
Epy Murillo Tovar
14. Quail Ridge
Summer Jagnow
15. Quail Ridge Park
Andrew Cole
Becky Keogh
16. Liberty Centre
Paul Burnett
Eric Page
Angela Chapparo-Arias
Nic Gulick
17. Cedar Springs
Jennifer Renk
Cathy Coleman
Hunter Schmitt
18. W Penn St
Megan Walker
19. Penn Meadows
Matt Hylland
Nick Reiten
20. W Zeller St/Liberty Heights
Terrance Murphy
21. Chestnut
Vacant - Apply Here
22. Garner
Jessica Smith
23. Beaver Kreek
Elizabeth Hoover de Galvez
24. Holiday
Vacant - Apply Here
25. Golfview
Vacant - Apply Here
26. Cottonwood/Lynwood
Vacant - Apply Here
27. Broadmoor Estates
Anna Wu
Heather Weber
28. Creekside Adjacent/Woodland Meadows
Travis Hiatt
29. Creekside
Jenn Pedersen-Kahler
30. Windsor Farms
Jennifer Smith
31. Fox Valley
Jen Panther
Kelly Petrulevich
32.Arlington Ridge
Dana Van Abbema
Jaime Bonner
33.Penn Heights
Errin Frank
34. Scanlon Farms
Vacant - Apply Here
Keystone Place at Forevergreen
Yvonne Page
North Liberty Living Centre
Vacant - Apply Here
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